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Where's Your Shadow?

People always ask where's my shadow.
I don't know I don't have one anymore.
It left me a long time ago to search for something.
But I don't know what it's searching for.
I've looked for him everywhere I possibly can.
I can't find him and there's nothing I can do.
He never cared about me and I never cared about him.
But now he's searching for something and I am too.
We never think much of each other.
But it's really different without him here.
It's always good when you know you're never alone.
I just want to tell him that I do care.
He left me and I left him.
Now I'm searching for him and he's searching for me.
Maybe I should stay put and he'll come back.
It can all go back to how it use to be.
But that would never go back to that day.
I will forever be alone where ever I go.
While people watch and wonder.
Mister, where's your shadow?
Missing Shadow... $5000 rewards Dead or Alive preferably alive
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reokon Featured By Owner May 4, 2001


Can you handle Being a Victim?
savis Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Losing your shadow can never be easy. I think everyone have lost one or more. Or at least everyone will. Don't try to hard to find your shadow, you can find another maybe not as good but different, refreshing.

You've managed to capture my mind in this little tale. Really great work. I don't really like the form you've used but thats just me bitching so don't pay it any attention :) (Smile)
cooper Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2001
I to have lost my shadow; but not a physical shadow.... my childhood; my innocence, that is my shadow that I have lost... I am bothered by so many complex things, which was not so before. Nice poem; just aqward at times.

dEaTh SmIlEs At Us AlL...
AlL i CaN dO iS sMiLe BaCk...

dircen Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2001
Have you checked in the fridge? Once i thought i lost my shadow but he was just hiding in the fridge... Great poem!
-tank Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2001
great poem... thats the most original concept i've ever read...good job

-=don't fear to imagine=-

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April 9, 2001
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