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// Okay I haven't done a wall. for so long so here it is... don't know if I improved or not.
// I've included the 1280x1024 ver in this cause i think it's better for showcase
// I have a 1600x1200 ver and lower and you can find it on my web site.
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this is great great stuff... the soft tendrils and hard spikes really clash in this piece creating a wonderful effect. blue is always nice too lol.
DeliriousDreams's avatar
I rather like it. Although I do not think the description "wall" fits exactly?
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nice work man..hey theres a devmeet in hamiton ontario..last saturday of the mnth...
check my journal at the other account>
karnjerrylow's avatar
cool... i'll see about it... lots going on this month :)
tazman-666's avatar
New wallpaper for me :D Awesome work man, good to see you back.
rurouniuno's avatar
Ooooh very beautiful piece! i love how it's so interesting to look at....nice work! ^__^
yellofury's avatar
Jerry can it be?
you're back!!!!!!
fragmented's avatar
this is amazing and my fav color too!!!
karnjerrylow's avatar
ezz's avatar
Guess whos back :D lovely work dude, no dout you always bring out the best in you. Great shape and the 2d rules. :)

Wana colab?
karnjerrylow's avatar
hmm i'm in for some collab... :)
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this is nice work, i like the render and the 2d work, but i think that the bruhsing could use somethinf extra,..
phoenixtfb's avatar
Well I think that Wings of Apocalypse must be red...
Good abs wp at all =)
ed0's avatar
nice job bro... glad to see you back :)
stackelberg's avatar
Pretty cool Jerry!
I was showing off your work to the scifair boys in Newfoundland.
Acid666's avatar
Amazing work, glad to see something new from you.
Great job!
31uc1d's avatar
wow, that is insainly awesome! i almost had an orgasm when i saw it lol
karnjerrylow's avatar
hahaha... thanks man :)
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