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I've always locked myself away.
Just to be all alone.
I do this almost everyday.
Everyday when I'm at home.

In my area of darkness.
I rest and I dream.
In my world of imagination.
I shout and I scream.

I never want to leave.
Afraid of the world outside.
It's better if I'm alone.
Peacefully where I hide.

I don't want anything from them.
Or they don't want anything from me.
I can't offer them anything.
So let me be free.

I trapped myself as much as you trapped me.
I would leave if you gave me a chance.
I would run, I would.
If you gave me another one of those glance.

I would never get to leave.
I would stay here forever.
Because you already left.
And you would never come back, never.
I trapped myself when I was trapped by others....
reokon Featured By Owner May 4, 2001
ABAB rpoems are cool, but I like ABCD a little better, but thats me :D (Big Grin)


Can you handle Being a Victim?
synth Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2001
i like the message that you give, i know i can relate to those words. your rythm is off balance at some points, but it doesn't make it any less of a good poem. nice work all around.


cooper Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2001
nice overall message.. just some aqward phrasing thats all... it is to be expected with poetry and with thoughts.... nice poem.

dEaTh SmIlEs At Us AlL...
AlL i CaN dO iS sMiLe BaCk...

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