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Fatal Guardian Ver 1
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Major Quality Loss For JPEG (Contact Me For H-Quality One)

The techy design ideas came from 7shadows but some of them are originally mine... Special thanx to batfink [link] and Stackelberg [link] one making the big decision on the background... Will do some more editing later one but just want to show ver. 1.00 right now...
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Comments (61)
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arpad|Professional Interface Designer
Very very good indeed!!! wow great blue wallpaper!!!! magnific!! :D (Big Grin)
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nice work, yay.
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d0ub7| Photographer
awesome wallpaper!
this has so much detail....whoa!!!:) (Smile)
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warfish|Hobbyist General Artist
whoo! great deviation!
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parash's avatar
Outstanding work.....just straight to the favlist +fav
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holy crap this rocks
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getcarter| Photographer
Outstanding work! exellent blendings!
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Blue! my favorite!
the design in the midle looks cool!
Great work!
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That kicks ass, the colors are excellent and u did such a great job at what u where doing... i love it.. keep up the great work.. =) (Smile)
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Zlatty|Professional Photographer
This is really neat ... I like it ... lots os stuff going on at once ... very great work ... kudos ...
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Thats amazing, I would love the H-Quality one... 8) (Cool)
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very nice. i love the details. i guess your color of choice is blue aight ? ;) (Wink)

keep on smoking

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wow supreme, good work ! :) (Smile)
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good work
nice colors
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balrock's avatar
very nice... this rockz
hi-tech, 3d... great combination of ps and 3d
adding to my favz
msg me when you do something like this
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Very Nice. I love the techy part with the organic like background.
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hell yeah...sweetness.
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really really nice
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vica| Interface Designer
Very nice...I'll save this bay on my HD for later, see if I could mix it with a window blinds theme or something.
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Amazing. I really like the shadows and colors used. This is a great piece.
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totally neato, i love the reachin-hand feeling you get from this pic (or maybe only i get that feeling) but ya know what i mean ^_^
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Wow. I said I was going to check out more of your work, and I'm glad I did! This is really great *sets as wallpaper* hehe, very cool, very original
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exorist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice design and layout mate......although its a bit hetic for my liking.......top job!!
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