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My favourite moon is actually Titan, but I was more inspired to name it Calisto. Probably my finest brushing yet besides Pulsating Anger. I spent just 6 hours on the brushing. The main render was done by ZeroAuthority (Great Abstract Artist/Friend), I also threw un some of my own to enhance the depth of it.
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Best so far :)
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the brushes rock!
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the brushes rock!
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Awsome. I have no idea how you create such apiece of work. But it works for me, fantastic depth of detail!
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nice job man! looks really cool!
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:hump: you, but shhh don't tell matt...
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thats pretty slick.. brushing looks good.. 2d looks good.. overall looks good..
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fully sick m8!! great job!! :D
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good lord boy :jawdrop: you never cease to amaze me. Im speechless.. the detail in this is just wow... awesome render. :clap: :hug:
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amazing job... :+fav: of course
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Awsome man!!! I found a new desktop!!! :D nice work!
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Holy FUCK Jerry do you ever stop getting better?
THis is orgasmic.
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Wholy crap!!! This is just awsome! I had no idea you could do that with my targa! WOW O WOW! That is just uber cool!
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awesome work man!...hey why dont you pop by the forum and say hi. me and Seisan are there
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Honestly, i'm looking foreward to seeing this on the main page. Great work; I love it; going in my WP's directory!
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This is awesome! Awesome job! =D
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This is simple amazeing, the render is great, great model. Brushing is awesom, the 2d is cool too, i like the big circle thing in the back its differant, but fits well makes it stand out, awesom job champ.
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absolutely amazing, I really like it and want to use it for my desktop if you don't mind :}
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jerry, thats amazing the brushing is so good. Not to mention the 2d and the lighting, the render is amazing fantastic work :D
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Wow, this is totally amazing! great work! :D
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looks good guys really does :), especially liking the fine colors and brushwork... the renders are well done too... the 2d needs some touch ups though... couldve been a bit more complex imo but a part from that you did a great job :nod:... keep it up u2
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