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Blinding Static Ver2
By karnjerrylow   |   Watch
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Published: April 6, 2002
© 2002 - 2019 karnjerrylow
*1158x864 Version in .Zip*

I promised some for a second and here it is. Took about 6 hours and shows a darker side of the first one
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Cool tech desig Thumbs Up Very intricated... :O (Eek) a lot of work here. Like me :) (Smile)
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smokebox Interface Designer
very nice a tad dark, and the resoultion is 1 size too small :( (Sad) or i'd use it
well i like it
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quite amazing details on it! this piece rocks the house. gorgeous blue-dark colour.

keep it rockin' 8) (Cool)
-tHraHorns N-
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It's not bad, but it's 1158x869. What's up with that? :) (Smile)
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eric-taylorProfessional Photographer
this is awasome! I Love it!
.:§ïlvêr Ðrågðñ:.
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girl? damn dope..
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nice! very nice indeed

congrats girl!
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-- well i'd like t see it fully first before downloading it, but looks ok to me. as you already know or remember i lik the blue colors and tones so it is good and nicely done (as much i can se in the thumbnail) --
well the zip version is pretty good copyprotect ;) (Wink) - who likes it ownloads it and you can see how meny people have downloaded it
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neninaHobbyist General Artist
6 hours of effort.... :P (Razz) and then: a great work!!
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kriekHobbyist General Artist
Yep seen the prev versions and they are alll great!
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very cool... great detail on the overlay... dont much care for blue, but still it looks quite good...
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ooooohhh sweeeeet. i'm gonna use this wallpaper. aaaaaaaand it's another fave :D (Big Grin)
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kamelredProfessional Interface Designer
the font for blinding static rules!!!
all the effects seem to go well together, but the girl isn't really integrated at all.
the effects pass seamlessly across her, like she's not even there.
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rudsky Interface Designer
very nice.. i like how all the text actually looks good wit the paper, usualy the text doesnt seem to fit in in some wallpapers.
Fat Albert

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Rudsky -
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Eh? Sweet chick on there but not enough contrast man. Its too blue, you need some lighter spots. But i guess this is a wallpaper, so hrmm...i guess contrast would be a bad thing...oh well. :D (Big Grin)
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neninaHobbyist General Artist
wow!! thats very great composition!!
I like blue color
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Wow!!! Amazing effects here!!!!

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Cool - Keep em coming!
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-lk2183 Interface Designer
very nice and very detailed work. a lil too dark, id like to see some areas of contrast myself, but thats just me. all the 2d is great.
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its good... its dark, but not too dark for my comps to make out... like th techno-edge to it :D (Big Grin)
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vica Interface Designer
Very nice, the grid over the girl is vey intense I wanna see her, don't tease me :P (Razz) .
Extreamely good detailing, I wish I had your touch, I'll take notes and see if I could step up my game a notch to be a bit closer to your level.

You are one step away from Godlike Nod
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i *love* this! this is so well executed.there are so many details.i love the technique.great colours.great everything.


im gonna check out more of your work

ps. will definitely use this.......its my desktop now
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wow, thats kool, I like, oh and its blue my fav colour....
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