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The Guardian Legend: Alyssa vs. Red Grimgrin

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Completed: December 27th, 2014
Media/Program: Paint Tool Sai
Origin: The Guardian Legend, via Nintendo
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Ahh... finally.
I had the idea of this in my head. It just took awhile to get it on digital paper.

Illustration done for Game-Art-HQ 's Nintendo Project Challenge!
It's late. Life happened. But it's better than never! hehe.

[Picked one of my favorite titles... the Guardian Legend has hold of my childhood for being a crazy game, and the fact that a lady turns into a spaceship? SIGN ME UP!]

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Illustration by Donna Astle. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any
reason other use than personal use. Let me know when you use my art so I can check it out!
Remember, respect the artist... and Thank you!

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© 2014 - 2021 karniz
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Relentless-Rain's avatar
I love how you imagined her in ship mode! <3
ascendingskulls's avatar
LOL, so THAT's how that works. I always wondered :XD:
gamebalance's avatar
BTW there is fan made sequel now. The Guardian Legend: Shadow of Naju
I liked it.
gamebalance's avatar
Thanks man, that's awesome!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Whats the role and name of that monster? :-)
karniz's avatar
Well, the name is in the title: Red Grimgrin. ^w^;;

And he's one of the major bosses in the game.
[not the final boss, but he's the second to last if you do the corridors in order~]
Also one of the most well-known for his design. XD;;
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
lol..somehow I did not see the full title :-)

Need thos info for the article I will writ, thankies and a happy new year!
karniz's avatar
Huh! that's weird... You aren't using the dreaded dA mobile, are you? hehe.

If you need full details, he's the boss of "Corridor 8: Organic Version".
Woohoo article! Can't wait to see it! /dances
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Well, sometimes I think that "article" is not that fitting for my small writings but I don't know a better word for them beside blogs maybe lol

There you go…
karniz's avatar
I always love the messages you write for these mini-articles!
[Let's just call them that, okay? hehe.]
And I must say, I really like how polished the website is looking!

Great work! /claps
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Throw a view at these two pages to see what I am mostly woking on and building up to something big till 2016 :-)……

In 1-2 years the website is not only the host for selected fan art and our art collaborations but also a serious big database about game characters. I get around 3k visitors on a day now have an art collaboration with OCR ongoing and we are getting bigger and better here on dA too with every month. Would say its running good and I wonder where the ga-hq project is in 3-5 years :-)
Randommode's avatar
Dude this is so 80s I love it! 
karniz's avatar
yyeessss... I am an 80's child, afterall. ^w^;;
DrMadison's avatar
TraV333's avatar
DAT GAME OMG I am on an eternal search for that cart! That and a Tengen Tetris...
karniz's avatar
And I remember the days where GameStops were selling them for pennies! PENNIES!
[But yeah, The Guardian Legend is such a good game.]
gdpr-562998's avatar
Holy sh...crap!! That looks amazing! <3
I always love your art, you never cease to impress :D
karniz's avatar
Tried to make what is normally a sort of silly looking monster into something a little more fierce. XD;;
Fortunato-Sors's avatar
The Beholder reminds me of the creatures from "Doom".

Awesome sauce!
karniz's avatar
This guy precedes the Cacodemon by seven years. hehe.
bimshwel's avatar
The instruction manual called that thing Eyegore!  Although those tend to be written by people who were not told a whole lot.
I like the well-realized interpretation of the corridor, and having a sky in there, and then also some of the strange objects that fly on the screen throughout the zone.  I never considered before what an odd task it would be to assemble a single scene out of all that.
karniz's avatar
I actually used elements from the corridor w/ the Blue Grimgrin boss fight as well for the background.
Assumed it would be a fight on the same 'planet/area', so why not, right?

Hehe. And I found the name as a translation from the Japanese manual!
So while Eyegore is also correct, I thought Grimgrin sounded better... ^w^;;
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