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Mona and the Hot Slices -LIVE-

Made in Wario: Mona and the Hot Slices!
omg I've done it again...
yet another wallpaper for you all to enjoy!
It's my favorite gal from Made in Wario! MONA!
[yes, I like her more than the other girls... ::coughASHLEYcoughcough:: hehee...]

So yeah, I love this, it's my current wallpaper too -- just for the sake of POP-NESS!
enjoy it!
Tell me if you use it!
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This would definitely make a great wallpaper. Mona is my main waifu and she's never let me down ever since. Seriously, she's such a lovely and amazing character. What's not to like about her? :love:. Imagine seeing her driving around in a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am instead of a scooter, that would be soooo awesome! :D.
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Like my Mona for Super Smash Bros. 4 page if you want to see her fight on Wario's side and another female fighter. [link]
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Yeah, I find Ashley a bit overated. At least Mona have some strange quirks and looks different along with Kat and Ana, especially in the eyes.
Yuka-To-Mein's avatar
at least she's only overrated as the witch character, people like witches like her, they thought she was the best, cause she's still young yet cute and dark.
i've always thought how she became one of wario's friends, though my fave characters are kat and ana.
pikachao7's avatar
There are better and darker witches than her, for example, Bernkastel of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. To me, Ashley is a braggant who thinks too highly of her abilities, especially compared to Exdeath. I'm not sure about how everyone is somehow Wario's friends since he was a loner, except with his pet chicken and a few others, before WarioWare, but some of these characters are great for me if they add more insanity to the mix.
Yuka-To-Mein's avatar
I know, i'm just saying that they created every different character in WW but not for bashing or complaining about whats overrating.
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I would preferred Mike the Kareoke Robot over Ashley and Penny since he seemed to have more potenial for wackiness. You are right about different characters for different likes, but I am disappointed that a good number of WarioWare fans think Ashley is all that when she probably isn't, leaving the others to be underused.
Yuka-To-Mein's avatar
I think when people will realize how they used and rated Ashley TOO much, i'm sure they'll start supporting other characters, you're right, Mike is so cool, i can't believe he doesn'thave many love and fans, i think i'll be doing some arts for him and make him more popular.
Well, i support kat and ana, instead of supporting overused characters like Mona or Ashley(i still LIKE them though), kat and ana are pretty much cute and interesting ninjas, and they have great pets. <3
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What Magic tools of power did you use to create this awesome picture Karniz!!?
karniz's avatar
wow, hehe, and this is such an old picture too. ^ ^;;
It was 100% created in Painter 7. Just, got bored one day and wanted to draw Mona... kehehe.
I really should draw some newer fanart...
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Wow your art, soo godlike!!! :drool:... yet you're so modest!! (despite the attitude of some higher ranking artisits out there..)

Well I gotta ask, why do you prefer painter 8 over photoshop, When I look at the program it seems quite the same to me......,

and what other artistics applications do you use? (im trying to learn how to create art using technology, and I'm trying to stray away from the traditional art, (pencils etc)

and as for why am I asking to many questions; 1. It's normal for an art newb ( right now i'm only doing colored penscil art), to ask artistic advice with a person with awesome caliber such as yourself. 2. You do Nintendo Characters!!, plus your a fan!! and 3. The reason above, you seem approachable compared to the mega artists,who think they'r all that, because their art is featured in youtube and they complain about it, but actually deep down their like " OMG my art's in youtube, im soo happy!!!", etc etc.

and lastly I'm not a person who would throw compliments like they were balloons on a free balloon day parade, I,m just a guy giving a great artist the respect and admiration he/she deserves!!!
Skatoonist's avatar
Wow , i mean wow I'm too lost for words......... this reply.. was so concise so effective, i mean.. I can't even begin to respond to what you just said ( it was that good, and meaningfull, since your response was soo awesome, I am extremely overjoyed with your incredible output.. have you considered making a graphic novel?!), I'l just say what comes to my head to keep it simple, and because I am flabbergasted. Okay here goes... I'am extremely impressed, you covered everything I wanted to know, and more (even though you don't have that much experience on photoshop, it means you don't have to master every single art program to be a good artist!!, although mastering different art styles is a plus!!) additionally you gave the right encouragement to starting artist such as myself to continue with what I'm doing... creating art!! and loving it!!, also you gave me the thought that you don't have to make your life into an art frenzy to be that good....

Oh yeah and for your advice (your personal advice to yourself per say) "Hate your art." because it helps you build and get better" that really struck me good, and deep!!, Ironically I think the same way about most of the things I do, such as VG piano composition, art, etc. One of my life's morals is, "there is someone always better than you", meaning getting you can always reach for the sky but you will never hit the dirt ( yes, another cheesy phrase, but you get the point:D). And back to your advice... you put those feelings into words so well, i can't even bear the ultimate motivation you just gave me....

And as for the responses:

1. I actually didn't diss the pencils:D, in fact I'am currently enjoying using them ( in fact i just had deviations with them :D), it's just, I wanted to try using photoshop,seeing all the cool art out there...

2. Yeah more Nintendo Fans!!, wii need more!!( i know that was kida lame, ehehehe)

3. As for the youtube thing, I know it's wrong and disrespectful, i knew that, i even know that it's illegal, I'am sorry about my previous rash comment about it above saying stuff about the people who complain about their art being in youtube, it's just since I am a new artist ( started just last week) if i found my art in youtube, I would be incredibly happy, even without caring if the credit is given to someone else, just seeing it there, i mean wow..... but i realized as you skill gets higher, some people start to demand recognition ( which isn't a bad thing, it's just for newbs like me.... it would be amazing just to see it there is all), and for the mega artist thing, yeah you gotta point, same thing goes with celebrities and such, but it would still be nice to answer fanmail once in a while:D

okaay that was longer than i thought... so lastly I just wanna repeat and thank you once again for the incredible information you shared, and divulged to me, especially the fact that I'm a mere beginner striving to get better.

PS: you don't have to reply back, i really don't want you to waste you time on one such as me ( yes I, am truly humbled), where you can be doing your stuff, I just wanted give my point!!:D, additionally this is the last time I will be asking for advice due to you having better things to do, and the only time I will be "bothering" you again, is when you create new art so I can comment:). And most importantly, when I reach the skill level needed to impress one such as yourself in the future.. You are one of my highest art inspirations ever, including Nintendo artists, Leonardo, Picasso, and some I forgot, and for you to know, its only a handful!!! , and in the future, i hope i would be the one to impress you!! :D :D that will truly be the day( since your alive and all, compared to the other DEAD great artist who I admire)........ well then that is all, and....... cya in the funny papers :)!!! I hope you keep improving as well!!
karniz's avatar
hehe, well I'm not being modest, I just don't enjoy holding myself up there... EVERYONE has things that they must improve on and believing that you are at the highest of your abilities is really just someone thinking too highly of themselves. Hehe. I like to say, "Hate your art." because it helps you build and get better. Sorta cheesy, but that's how I work~ ^^
UGH. And highly-acclaimed artists and their attitudes... I've always been sort of an unknown, humble artist myself and I've found the "mightier-than-thou" attitudes carried by some artists to be sort of sickening. I've met with a bunch of that in the past [when I started, actually pretty much doing the same as yourself! Hehe, asking questions n' such~], and I was always returned with a half-assed "thank you <insert smiley>" or nothing at all.

Painter 8 over Photoshop.
To tell you the truth, I can't answer that. ^^
I don't have Photoshop... I see very many amazing illustrations that are done using photoshop, but I haven't really had a chance to play with it... [I had a Demo of, Classic? I dunno, it came with my tablet... heh.] But I do prefer painter myself mainly because there is tools that replicate real-life tools. Since I am a comic artist, my traditional weapon of choice is a Croquil Nib and ink. And in Painter, the cool called "Scratchboard Tool" replicates a nib VERY accurately! [it's pretty much how I ink *all* of my digital illustrations, including this one.]
Coloring is another thing - everyone has a different degree of mastery with it and will utilize the program as they see fit. ^^
But once again, I'm Painter biased since I am not too familiar with photoshop. Hehe.

1> !!! Don't *ever* diss colored pencils! I started with traditional media, mainly with Colored Pencils and Watercolors! If I hadn't mastered those, I couldn't have applied the same principle with shading/coloring/etc with my digital works. Plus, so many out there RELY on digital that working with Colored Pencils is now seen as a rarity! There are some AMAZING works out there done with traditional media, so don't be afraid to master it. ^^
2> Hehehe. Yes, I do love me some Nintendo characters. ^^
3> Well, if my art was ripped from my website [that clearly states not to reproduce my works, repost, edit or copy without my consent.] and used in a youtube video/myspace/anythingelsethatisntmine I'd be pretty pissed too. ^^ It's not only neglecting reading/listening to the artists wishes/rights, but it's also taking something they've worked hard on and using it without their permission or knowing. It's very much disrespect to an artist to do that to their works. Fan art, original art, photos, anything!
And there are some "mega" artists who are very nice, they just mainly don't have the time to respond or chat because they draw for a living, and that's all they do. hehe. I don't draw for a living, so I have the freetime to do other things [like type long replies... and play video games.]
Speaking of, I have to play a bit more Etrian Odyssey.
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Oops i posted the reply in the wrong area, please read the reply above yours!! it's very meaningful!! :D
Daisyvalentine's avatar
This looks awesome!
Daisyvalentine's avatar
Amazing! You're good.
captainsponge's avatar
holy kick ass!
Great job!
I'm going use this as my wallpaper!
KarmicIllusion's avatar
She looks so cute!! I like the pose and the colors you used.

I dig the "LIVE" theme!! *fav*
DrZime's avatar
^____________^ That's so cute! :hug::heart: Wonderful coloring!
nabichan's avatar
Damn you...Always drawing awesome piccies...Always playing cool games...Great job on the wallpaper =P
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NoSongForSpiders's avatar
For me? How nice.

Seriously, this is a great wallpaper. Yeah.
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hahahaa, Mona fan...? Melikes. Thanks~
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