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Dark Souls II: Old Dragonslayer

By karniz
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Completed: June 25th, 2014
Media/Program: Croquil nibs & Dr. Martin Dyes
Origin: Dark Souls II
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Ahoy, ahoy!

There's a fun lil' BOSS RUSH MODE thing on Tumblr.
Here's my 4th contribution... Old Dragonslayer!

01 Last Giant02 Pursuer03 Dragonrider04 Old Dragonslayer05 Flexile Sentry
06 Executioner's Chariot07 Skeleton Lords08 Ruin Sentinels09 Belfry Gargoyle10 Lost Sinner
11 Covetous Demon12 Mytha, the Baneful Queen13 Smelter Demon14 Old Iron King15 Royal Rat Vanguard
16 The Rotten17 Scorpioness Najka18 Royal Rat Authority19 Prowling Magus & Congregation20 The Duke's Dear Freja
21 Twin Dragonriders22 Looking Glass Knight23 Demon of Song24 Velstadt, The Royal Aegis25 Guardian Dragon
26 Ancient Dragon27 Throne Watcher & Throne Defender28 Giant Lord29 Vendrick30 Darklurker
31 Nashandra

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Illustration by Donna Astle. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art
for any reason other use than personal use. Let me know when you use my art so I can check it out!
Remember, respect the artist... and Thank you!

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© 2014 - 2021 karniz
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1rafabud's avatar
first time i saw him at the game, i was like "OMFG IS THAT ORNSTEIN!?"
Gerald-TEH-Xeno-morp's avatar
I have not played dark souls to but I have 
Played the thirst waaaaaaAaaaaaaaay to much...I thought this was a picture of ornstien with silver armor...
LegacyDeadline's avatar
 the back of my mind...i sorta see him as a Timon (from lion king) in armor in this picture xD sexy
JRinaldi's avatar
Pure fanservice as it might've been, I was happy to see the ol' boy. From a story standpoint, I figure he was spending his retired years chillin' at the seafront vacation cathedral and testing the strength of prospective bluecops.
Kataiser's avatar
Best surprise boss in the game. The coloring here's nice; more metal-y color than in-game.
karniz's avatar
but apparently I don't know how to draw armor...
/points up

Kataiser's avatar
Video game armor ignores the laws of physics. You did not ignore the laws of physics. =P
karniz's avatar
heh, oh I know that.
It's the other people don't and feel they need to inject their dumb in my face...
Dougfolk's avatar
Kinda looks like he just remembered a funny joke
Hellmouth497's avatar
Went from slaying dragons to slaying humans. The fall from grace hit him hard.
K-V-Saga's avatar
Neeeeuuu, You done it wrong XD
karniz's avatar
uhmm, can you elaborate?
K-V-Saga's avatar
Just saying, It was your choice how to picture him. Style and etc..
Some mistakes are in your knowledge of medieval armor. Helmet- His eye line is there helmets mouth. Becouse of his head character looks out of proportions XD
karniz's avatar
Uhmm, I know about the helmet's positioning?
The eye line *is* at the mouth, hence why the mouth is open - because it's the opening of his visor?

If you could have seen the underlying sketch of this illustration then you'd understand how it works.

Sadly in actuality the game doesn't really acknowledge the placement of his head in the helmet...
They make it appear as if the head is in the head portion of the helmet itself.
[Proof -->…]
I don't like to draw it like that because it doesn't make sense as a helmet...

So no, it's not about my so-called 'lack of knowledge of medieval armor' as you say.
I actually have a large well of understanding of how medieval armor work.
Now, having to make VIDEO GAME armor look like real armor by rearranging the pieces...
That's where I think you don't understand.

So I knew what I was doing.
I just didn't want to draw the helmet improperly like the game does.
K-V-Saga's avatar
Yesh you know, You're skillfull and repectful person XD
Nope, This type of helmets are attached to top of the chest plate( like in jousting, knight can't even turn his head around) , The mouth is open becouse of a eye line of a wearer. And a lions head it's just a decoration of a helmet- extremely large decoration on a top of the helmet.

I have finished ds, have saw concept art, Yes it's a game, not real thing. 

So in that case our opinions does not match, becouse of two different ways to draw that helmet improperly like the game does.
Ikoter's avatar
kirapwns's avatar
Keep the Dark Souls art coming! Loving them.
karniz's avatar
Thanks! And just so you know; more get's posted to my Tumblr. XD
Stormourner's avatar
when I first saw him I was like: :iconnoesplz:
what happened to smough? did the real ornstein killed him when the abyss took over him? was smough an illusion in anor londo? was smough real while ornstein was an illusion? ok!! ok!! that's too many questions XD
GooBabbles's avatar
Loved this fight. I still think Old Dragonslayer's got the best theme in the soundtrack.
Pandonuclear's avatar
*Insert Ornstein saying that he's getting too old for this*
Raicra's avatar
All the good armor is unavailable, I just hope that changes with the DLCs
freakyskull516's avatar
i remember when i first encountered him i thought to myself "ORSTEIN!... *sniff* its ok *pulls out scythe* i know what to do. you wont suffer anymore."
TheFoxtrot813's avatar
OH LAWD this guy. I wonder what happened to his best friend.
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