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Dark Souls II: Executioner's Chariot

By karniz
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Completed: July 9th, 2014
Media/Program: Croquil nibs & Dr. Martin Dyes
Origin: Dark Souls II
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Ahoy, ahoy!

There's a fun lil' BOSS RUSH MODE thing on Tumblr.
Here's my 6th contribution... Executioner's Chariot!

01 Last Giant02 Pursuer03 Dragonrider04 Old Dragonslayer05 Flexile Sentry
06 Executioner's Chariot07 Skeleton Lords08 Ruin Sentinels09 Belfry Gargoyle10 Lost Sinner
11 Covetous Demon12 Mytha, the Baneful Queen13 Smelter Demon14 Old Iron King15 Royal Rat Vanguard
16 The Rotten17 Scorpioness Najka18 Royal Rat Authority19 Prowling Magus & Congregation20 The Duke's Dear Freja
21 Twin Dragonriders22 Looking Glass Knight23 Demon of Song24 Velstadt, The Royal Aegis25 Guardian Dragon
26 Ancient Dragon27 Throne Watcher & Throne Defender28 Giant Lord29 Vendrick30 Darklurker
31 Nashandra

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Illustration by Donna Astle. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art
for any reason other use than personal use. Let me know when you use my art so I can check it out!
Remember, respect the artist... and Thank you!

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© 2014 - 2021 karniz
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Gryphonia's avatar
:wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
Keep up the good work!
xghostpunisher's avatar
dont open the gate+soul arrows=low health  he will then fall because he fails the jump r.i.p chariot
Acknowledgeable's avatar
this is so cool tho
Devian12345's avatar
That moment when you roll under the spikes three times in a SO satisfiying.
IceBen4444's avatar
When I found out you can roll under the spikes... Well, the fight changed a bit. > : )
FullMetalPikmin's avatar
Fighting this guy on NG++....god, what an ass....

Just thinking about higher NG+s just makes me shudder.
freakyskull516's avatar
that fucker... i hate him so much...
Stormourner's avatar
I wanna ride with him through the street so I can overrun the jaywalkers
Kataiser's avatar
I accidentally ran into him as the first boss I found in that area, not the second. It was quite the surprise to have to deal with him early in the game.

That being said, it's amusing that the actual chariot is the boss, not the scary dude on top. What you drew is what I saw, then the second phase happened. =P
karniz's avatar
I found this guy out before the Skeleton Lords boss too. XD;;
[Apparently you can fight the guy. I just haven't looked it up/figured it out?]
secretsofwolfever's avatar
Same here xD It took me awhile to get past all the idiots blocking the path, I have one life geme, A summon too...But i walked in saw it was him and i was like ". ___________________________________ ." I ran around at the starting area ready to fight *Thinking it was a boss you had to fight face to face...* He came, But i noted he hurt the guy i summoned, I couldn't get to a hole and tried to run behind me, Two seconds into running i fell to my death xD
PwnageguyXD's avatar
Awesomely done as always.

On a side note, this boss is a pain in the ass to kill. He kept hitting me in the supposedly safe alcoves as he drove by, and the little necromancers & skeletons swarm you.
karniz's avatar
That's actually a bug with one of the newest patch releases.
When I was playing the game upon initial release I had no issues hiding in the alcoves...
But later on when helping a friend we were having issues getting hit n' such.
Therefore I can only narrow it down to that! XD;;
PwnageguyXD's avatar
I didn't get to the Executioner's Chariot until a while after initial release because my buddies kept pulling me away to play with them on something else or help them in parts of both DS1 and DS2. XD
TheFoxtrot813's avatar
Shitttt I remember this guy. At first I was like what the fuck is this. Enter chariot coming dunno what to do. Gets run over while being surrounded by skeletons
YgvantheShaper's avatar
..........Fuck this guy!
Vile21XX's avatar
I remember when this was supposedly going to be the thing that hunted down Sinners. I really wish that they stuck to that, you know how scary that'd be if this guy rode into your part of the game if you sinned? I bet there'd be a whole lot less Black Phantoms running about.
Wynterhawke07's avatar
He wouldn't be very effective in some areas, though.
Vile21XX's avatar
Well with their original idea I think he would have been the size of a normal human player just like the Black Phantom Executioner you fight at Heide's Tower of Flame before you fight the Dragonrider. I'm guessing he'd chase you down on his chariot using his Lance and if you got into an area where he couldn't fit his chariot he'd probably dismount it and use his Lance as well as his Crossbow. But yea, he probably would be horrible in Aldia's Keep, The Warf, and a few others - guessing those would be left to the Arbiter Spirits.
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