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Dark Souls II: Dragonrider

By karniz
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Completed: June 18th, 2014
Media/ProgramCroquil nibs & Dr. Martin Dyes
Origin: Dark Souls II
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Ahoy, ahoy!

There's a fun lil' BOSS RUSH MODE thing on Tumblr.
Here's my 3rd contribution... Dragonrider!

01 Last Giant02 Pursuer03 Dragonrider04 Old Dragonslayer05 Flexile Sentry
06 Executioner's Chariot07 Skeleton Lords08 Ruin Sentinels09 Belfry Gargoyle10 Lost Sinner
11 Covetous Demon12 Mytha, the Baneful Queen13 Smelter Demon14 Old Iron King15 Royal Rat Vanguard
16 The Rotten17 Scorpioness Najka18 Royal Rat Authority19 Prowling Magus & Congregation20 The Duke's Dear Freja
21 Twin Dragonriders22 Looking Glass Knight23 Demon of Song24 Velstadt, The Royal Aegis25 Guardian Dragon
26 Ancient Dragon27 Throne Watcher & Throne Defender28 Giant Lord29 Vendrick30 Darklurker
31 Nashandra

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Illustration by Donna Astle. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art
for any reason other use than personal use. Let me know when you use my art so I can check it out!
Remember, respect the artist... and Thank you!

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© 2014 - 2021 karniz
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Ultimate-Degenerate's avatar
More like DragonDIVER, am I right?! Ha ha!

I have no friends...
mhylinkboy's avatar
he´s little horn looks like a snowmans nose. 
Devian12345's avatar
Also,nice picture
Devian12345's avatar
Why can´t we have a duel with a dragonrider in the top of a huge circular area(like Ancient Dragon´s boss room) where we fight him one on one but sometimes he calls the help of a drake to spill fire(be fireballs or a flame wall). Then when he gets on 1/3 of his health he calls the drake and then mounts it, gaining full health and different resistances?
josephfrost's avatar
i did a cosplay build character of the Dragon Rider...and i actually received a message of a player that i kill him when i invaded him and he sent me this ''you are actually a better dragon rider than the boss itself'' hahaha
Superbz1212's avatar
Easiest boss in the game... Except when it called for sniper backup in Drengliec castle.

overall amazing drawing on the Dragonrider!
SteelShroom's avatar
Nah, the easiest boss was the Last Giant.
karniz's avatar
Hahahahaa I know! It's like, "this is what you get for bringing friends along!"
Shame the longbow guy had little to no defense... ^w^;;
Superbz1212's avatar
I know right but probably for "fairness" of the game.
Maybe this guy would've put up a better fight if he used his twinblade...or had his mount. For dudes who were supposed to be the Drangliec Special Forces they go down rather easily. I guess it was low standards like that which let the war with giants last three generations.
K-V-Saga's avatar
Karniz, Will you going to make ds2 comic like the first one? O,O
karniz's avatar
If you've been keeping up with my comic, I made a post back in March will explain! XD;;
K-V-Saga's avatar
Thank you XD
I'm enjoying your art oUo
GarrodWindfang's avatar
Very cool! :D is that watercolor?
karniz's avatar
Actually they're Dr. Martin Dyes!
They're similar to ink wash rather than watercolors, and they're not as forgiving either... XD;;
PwnageguyXD's avatar
Damn this is nicely done.

Also, this guy is very easy, even as a heavy armor character. The basic Twin Dragon Greatshield absorbed 3-5 hits before the guard broke, and then the counter was very easily done.
JRinaldi's avatar
The correct way to fight Dragonrider is with no levers pulled and no shield.

(I mean come on at least make the poor doofy fat armor guy feel good about himself)
karniz's avatar
You mean having a 3-man gang bang isn't the right way to do it?
JRinaldi's avatar
I swear I put a summon sign in front of Dragonrider like seven times.
And every time the guy just runs off to fight Old Grandpa Ornstein instead.
freakyskull516's avatar
im currently stuck on the twin dragonrider boss. they just keep getting me in a corner  > : (
karniz's avatar
[if you're talking about the ones in the vault]
Get friends?
I'm a hexer and I waste the ranged one in like, three hits.

I haven't encountered the ones in the throne room [yet.]
freakyskull516's avatar
after leaving the comment i gave it another shot strangely enough a fire dark knight halberd is more effective than a dark zweihander also fire storm has one helll of a stagger   
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