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Dark Souls II: Belfry Gargoyle

By karniz
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Completed: July 30th, 2014
Media/Program: Pencil & Digitally Altered
Origin: Dark Souls II
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Ahoy, ahoy!

There's a fun lil' BOSS RUSH MODE thing on Tumblr.
Here's my 9th contribution... Belfry Gargoyle!

01 Last Giant02 Pursuer03 Dragonrider04 Old Dragonslayer05 Flexile Sentry
06 Executioner's Chariot07 Skeleton Lords08 Ruin Sentinels09 Belfry Gargoyle10 Lost Sinner
11 Covetous Demon12 Mytha, the Baneful Queen13 Smelter Demon14 Old Iron King15 Royal Rat Vanguard
16 The Rotten17 Scorpioness Najka18 Royal Rat Authority19 Prowling Magus & Congregation20 The Duke's Dear Freja
21 Twin Dragonriders22 Looking Glass Knight23 Demon of Song24 Velstadt, The Royal Aegis25 Guardian Dragon
26 Ancient Dragon27 Throne Watcher & Throne Defender28 Giant Lord29 Vendrick30 Darklurker
31 Nashandra

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Illustration by Donna Astle. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art
for any reason other use than personal use. Let me know when you use my art so I can check it out!
Remember, respect the artist... and Thank you!

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© 2014 - 2021 karniz
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DracoPhobos's avatar

the ds2 gargos are my favorite bc they're all metal and shiny

PwnageguyXD's avatar
Fun times. It's like the Bell Gargoyles from DS1 but with a larger amount.
Stormourner's avatar
I managed to defeat six of them by myself, I wasted all my spells and I had no choice but to use my heide spear against them
karniz's avatar
Thank you for telling me about the game.
Because I asked about how you defeated them.
Thank you.
Stormourner's avatar
no problemo ;3
shock them with the power of lightning
Superbz1212's avatar
The developers probably said: "hey guys, how about we take the Gargoyles from the first game and add THREE more?" "That's genius, man, GENIUS." They replied.

... They must've been running out of boss ideas by then.
karniz's avatar
But they don't have the same character model.
So it's not like they were being lazy in designing these bosses...
[Plus their fight is more like an easter egg if you find the area they're located in.]

Also thank you for leaving a comment about the illustration itself!
Superbz1212's avatar
...yeah, you're right about the models and there's certain different attacks, so I can't argue with that.
whitefoxdesigns's avatar
Oh man! Gargoyles are back and I haven't played in days!

Awesome work!
JRinaldi's avatar
The moment I stumbled out onto that roof and that music kicked in, I knew exactly how it was going to go.

To my surprise, not ALL of the statues eventually came to life. Come on, Dark Souls, I could take 'em!!
Kataiser's avatar
Hey, look! Fan art of DS2 that doesn't use the DS1 gargoyle style. 

Gives a good sense of motion. Well done. :la:
karniz's avatar
You know, I said that on my Tumblr?
Kataiser's avatar
I did not! Thank you for setting me straight. :dummy:
karniz's avatar
Hellmouth497's avatar
Damn, love how to added a lot of artistic flare to this boss's design in your drawing.
karniz's avatar
/flex ╭ (o‿ o#)ᕗ
Hellmouth497's avatar
It is definitely one of your more stylized pieces. Great work!
aranous's avatar
Although the body shape seems intentionally similar, I noticed the details are quite different as well. The ones from the first game I recall being more weathered and fleshy looking, while these are somewhat more artificial and intricate, having quite elaborate looking carvings all over the back, chest, stomach, and groin, that and these ones seemed to have a permanent frown going on for some reason.
karniz's avatar
I uhh, know this already?
My comment over on Tumblr: "It’s intriguing though how so many places use the Belfry Gargoyle’s graphic from Dark Souls for the Dark Souls II content.
It’s a shame, really - because they are very very different looking."

And forgive me, but why comment about something other than the illustration?
It doesn't make any sense, honestly, on an art site to just make a general comment about the game's concept art rather than the illustration the artist procured.

It just seems people could care less what they're looking at and just leave their opinions about the game instead.
[sorry if I'm venting, but this is with 80% of the comments left on my Dark Souls illustrations.]
Dezfezable's avatar
you're going to hate me so much... when i first glanced at the thumbnail I thought it was Godzilla for a brief moment.


*hangs head in shame*
karniz's avatar
GYAHAHAHA. No, no hate at all.
Imagine a godzilla-like fight in Dark Souls II... /shudders
Dezfezable's avatar
I will accept it if only it is done in the old school style where it's dudes in monster suits punching the shit out of each other. :heart:
DefiantHeretic's avatar
Ironically I just fought that boss! And I seriously hate the bell keepers covenant.
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