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Dark Souls: Heroine + Laurentius

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Drawn: June 30 2013
Program: Pencil
From: Dark Souls
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Pencil Render commission of a heroine being protected by Laurentius.
Ohohohoo... I bet a lot of ladies want to be protected by Laurentius...

Ahem. Anyway...

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Illustration by Donna Brown. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any reason other than personal use. Thank you!
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TheRedReaper79's avatar
now i wish he helped you with ol'gaping rather than Lautrec. that would look awsome, laurentius lobbing fireballs at the slime things on the way to the bossfight.
karniz's avatar
Laurentius as a summonable person in GENERAL would have been awesome! Hehe.
Raven-Born's avatar
Dat voice though~. I love listening to him talk, short as it is!
likeajon's avatar
who are these people no serously i never heard of lauren in ds 1 or 2 someone pls explain 
karniz's avatar
Google is your friend.
remmus64's avatar
Hehe found a new fellow to fangirl over in 2? Or Laurentius still ya man? X3
karniz's avatar
Eh? I'm not a Laurentius fan girl...
[this drawing was a commission - this isn't my character!]
I'm more of a Domhnall gal'... hehehe.

And yes - there is a new character I fawn over.
I'll have to discuss that at a later time... ^w^;;
remmus64's avatar
Hehe cool, as for me, being a straight guy I have a fanboy crush on the Emerald Herald, not only does she looks cute, but she is one of the few NPC that act supportive of you, giving you that little comfort after a long playtime grinding nasty enemies

And of course being a cat fan miss talky kitty always makes me smile.
karniz's avatar
ugh, I love the Sweets... she's so passively aggressive. ^w^;;
[Luuuucatiel. LUCATIEL... ♥]
Who wouldn't want to be protected by laurentius? :P
 Fuckers too cute to die! (will take this pyromancy to my grave)
PwnageguyXD's avatar
Works well with his personality.
klydekiss's avatar
can you stop
being great?
LymeThyme's avatar
Mabye its just me but it seems Quelana and Laurenius would go good together
KuroiMayuge's avatar
Man, I wouldn't mind being protected by him but I'd probably accidentally gore him with my sexy beast helm. XB
JRinaldi's avatar
I always feel bad not telling Laurentius where I got the cool chaos pyromancy. Even though it's like DUDE you do NOT want to go DOWN THERE

Also, imagine what Dark Souls would be like if it were Laurentius you found sitting around the Firelink bonfire instead of the Crestfallen Warrior. "Oh, h-hey, we got a nice fire goin'. Want to take a load off?"

(he is probably a total stoner)
KuroiMayuge's avatar
Guh, whoever made the Evangelion Souls vid had it spot on making Mopey Dude Shinji.XP
karniz's avatar
I never tell him. I never want to kill him. Ever. XD;;

Hahaha, he'd be soooo much friendlier than the Crestfallen Warrior... screw that guy. Hahaha.
I can't wait to see him in New Londo Ruins. Ohohohoho...
JRinaldi's avatar
Ol' Cresty is endearing in his bitter and sulky way. Maybe him, the Undead Merchant, Rickert, and Priscilla occasionally get together for tea parties and making vaguely sour faces at each other.

But not Crestfallen Merchant. Nobody likes him (including me, I want to drop kick that jerk off the roof)
karniz's avatar
sounds like a plan, har har har.
I like the idea of the sourpusses all being together. Silly folks.
ArchShadow24's avatar
Laurentius has dat sexy trimmed facial hair working for him. That, and he's one of the only decent people that don't try to kill you/wants you to fuck off in a first meeting. And let's face it, he's hella manlier than Griggs and Logan. XD

Makes me wonder what kind of NPCs will be in DkSII.

Very well done as always, Miss Brown. :nod:
PwnageguyXD's avatar
Oh man, this is amazing.
Kataiser's avatar
I can't advise being that close to a skilled Pyromancer's hand.
That being said, this is really well done. :meow: I like the color style for this a lot.
KiilKannibble's avatar
Love the coloring style you did- and the construction of the characters is epic. Really awesome!
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