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Commission: Vuzoku and Archon

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Completed: May 13th, 2014
Media/Program: Paint Tool Sai
Origin: World of Warcraft character(s), Vuzoku and his pet Archon
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This is a commission. Use of this illustration is only for the commissioner and the artist. Thank you.

I hit a record on commissions I believe... this has a total of 4.5 hours of clocked work time.
[1.5 for lineart, and 3 for coloring~]

I also really loved how this came out. I don't get to draw many trolls... they have such awesome bodies. XD;;
So yeah, very happy with myself.

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Illustration by Donna Astle. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any reason other use than personal use. Let me know when you use my art so I can check it out! Remember, respect the artist... and Thank you!
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Fantastic artwork! very inspirational and motivating! Can you please tell me what program(s) you use?
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Protip: Read the artists' comments. Most likely, they'll always answer your questions. ^w^;;
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Awesome. Thanks for the tip as i'm new here. Also, I guess I should look into the program you used myself as I have never heard of it before. Thanks for responding tho.. 
TweakBlue's avatar
Fantastic work!
GarrodWindfang's avatar
Yay, more hunter love!! Looks awesome! :D
karniz's avatar
Yus! I have a lot of fun drawing hunters! /dance
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wow love the energy in this piece. your work has so many characters and lines it must take you 
a while to do. the ability to do big projects is a rare one I feel.
art like this get DD's lol but I guess you all ready know that.
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Hehe, thank you for the comment!
Well I don't actually take a long time, I've perfected the art of speed drawing!
[in the comments portion for the art I do state how long this took me to complete. ^w^;;]

"art like this get DD's lol but I guess you all ready know that."
I've only ever gotten two DD's in my many years on DA and one was seven years ago...
So no, not always. XD;;
vonnbriggs's avatar
well I'm coloring a piece right now on photoshop. that takes forever for me 
well 20 hours on a full back ground. pen work for me is very fast but I do a lot of cross hatching so.
the key to speed is draw a lot and I feel you do that all the time.
 It would be nice to color fast hope I get there . 
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It just takes time and practice!
I got to where I am from 10+ years of practice!
So you'll get there~
vonnbriggs's avatar
yeah I have only been coloring for 4 years and most of that was me working some job 40+ hours a week. now I just draw 
I don't care if I'm a little poor for it.
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