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Commission: Guitar vs Baton

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Drawn: July 25th, 2010
Media: Croquil Nibs/Ink & Dr. Martin Dyes
From: Original RP Characters, property of Selona.
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This is a commission - the image is not for use by anyone other than the artist and the commissioneer.

Commission from the lovely Selona.

Her RP characters, Paragonite and Captain Scheelite. They're quite the odd couple, aren't they? Hehe.
I think I had the most fun with this picture doing her skirt... I love flowy skirts. ♥

Please keep your comments about the illustration.
Art by Donna Brown. Character(s) from an Original RP via Selona. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any reason other than personal use.
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© 2010 - 2022 karniz
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angi-pants's avatar
haha this is really cool, i like the concept and the way u drew them is awesum!! =D
Fenris-Nocturnal's avatar
really nice details
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Outstanding work! Very nicely done! :D
Demy-Stardust's avatar
Ahahaha I love my boy, he's such a dork 8D

I LOVE THIS PICTURE, you did such a good job of capturing their personalities ;0; <3
karniz's avatar
Wait - are you Scheelite?! Hehehehe.
Demy-Stardust's avatar
Yep, I'm Scheelite XD
Dezfezable's avatar
this is so amazing! You're making me want to try out these dyes. *___* The colors are so lovely and vivid!

I love how you make everything have so much energy and flow to it, it's so awesome.
selona's avatar
So much love for this XD =SO= much.

Guitar eventually meets his head. True story ;)
karniz's avatar
And then Scheelite attempts to swing the Baton, only succeeding in smacking his own head with it, amirite? Hehehe. ♥
selona's avatar
Yes! Exactly what would happen ;D haha.♥♥♥
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