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Commission 2019 Information

By karniz
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Commission information for the 2019 season!
It's really appreciated for any interest I do get~ As freelancing is currently what pays my bills, hehe.

View my actual commission page for details and instructions on how to commission me!
[please do not send requests in DeviantART notes - I prefer e-mail for better keeping-track on information.]

You can view my previous commissions for examples of my work~
I basically can draw anything - I don't have a weakness and is willing to draw anything!
Men and/or ladies, [young, old, weak, strong...], machines, robots, cars, animals, plants, etc etc etc.

I will do nudity, but for portfolio reasons I will not do erotic illustrations.
[Fetishes do not count - I will refuse any and all fetish-related requests]

Signal boosting is also appreciated~ Thank you for viewing!
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klydekiss's avatar
-Throws wallet at-
KatimusPrime's avatar
Eee, I'm excited that you used the comm you did for me in the current image!  *w*
karniz's avatar
How could I *not*?!
That Andralos is the perfect sample image for the medium... hehe.
[I honestly just really loved the way it came out. XD;;]
KatimusPrime's avatar
He's hanging up on my bedroom wall!  *3* I got him framed!
hellonall's avatar
H'ohmahgawsh... I'm excited... <3
Fortunato-Sors's avatar
I need to set up a pay pal.
GarrodWindfang's avatar
I'd try and come up with another idea, but I'm bone broke. ><;; maybe next time I'll come up with another idea for you. ^^
TheRedReaper79's avatar
Has anyone commissioned you any artwork related too Alsanna the silent oracle from Dark Souls 2?
karniz's avatar
Nope. Actually I do not get many Dark Souls-related commissions.
Maybe... one or two in the past year? Heh...
I feel that maybe the fandom either dislikes me, or they're tired of me... I dunno?

[Besides, I'm more well known for my WoW commissions. And I'm grateful for the fandom with that!^w^;;]
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OMG your commissions are so cheap!
especially for your skill level!!
karniz's avatar
Actually, they're not 'cheap!
The prices are set for an hourly wage - so it all matters on how quickly I complete my illustrations.
[Normally commissions take me anywhere from two to five hours to complete, determining on complexity.]
And the more complex illustrations can cost anywhere between $50~$100 dollars.

Example: A pencil illustration I can finish in about an hour.

In actuality, the average cost on my commissions is about $80.00
And that's because people are having me draw their World of Warcraft heroes in full-clad armor... hehe.

But yes... Don't just assume the prices are 'cheap'.
I do state that these advertised prices are just the 'base'.
It's never the same for every person!
Ein457's avatar
Ooo well keep up the great work!! ^-^
The-Divine-Creator's avatar
I love, I love, I love.  I am SO going to be commissioning you in the near future - I think this style perfectly suits the new OC I've created.  ^_^  :iconiloveyouplz:
Halduis's avatar
Just sent you an email, can't wait to hear back from you!
poopertan's avatar
If only I had money :(
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