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Code Geass: Kallen x Lelouch by karniz Code Geass: Kallen x Lelouch by karniz
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Drawn: July 26th, 2009
Program: Painter IX
From: Code Geass
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Another Anime Next commission!
I was excited to do this one, mainly because it allowed me to do a bit o' research! hehehehe... I haven't heard or nor saw this series prior to this commission, so it was a neat experience! And I especially like the Kallen character... well, she's a red head.. gotta love red heads. ♥

Anywho, he wanted his "fantasy" to come true, and have Kallen and Lelouch nearing eachother for a sweet kiss. Awww. I liked doing this, mainly because I had to anime-up my usual style! ehehehe~

NOTE: Yes, Kallen's breast-size was an issue for this commission and they were scaled down as par request of the commissionee. This is fully intentional! Please don't point them out, as I already know.

This is a commission - the image is not for use by anyone other than the artist and the commissioneer.

Please keep your comments about the illustration.
Art by Donna Brown. Character(s) from Code Geass. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy, use [icons, avatars, etc.], reproduce, or redistribute the art for any reason other than personal use.
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LelouchxKallen108 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
Nice Colors!~ Great Work! :heart:
stapler361 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Just WOW I never thought that i would finnaly see Leloch and Kallen together but I wont say anything sbout the end unless someone says they want to hear it. Great work, great color, GREAT DEPTH
BlueWolfGurl Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009
this is great work! :clap:
AngelicAdonis Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excellent work! :D
TCShelton Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009
Oo, love the color choices. Lovely. And your coloring is beautiful as always. :)
the-kid36 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009  Hobbyist
very lovely work. the coloring is awesome :D
Robo-Ky-II Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009
The funny thing is, this looks a million times better then the actual art from the show
karniz Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
/FLOORED. Oh god, I mean, I'm not an "anime" artist, so I guess it you couldn't compare? Hehhe... but I do find that funny. ^ ^;;
cherden Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009
This is really, really pretty. The coloring is amazing: it adds so much depth!

The pose is cute, too. :heart:

The hands are also really well done. I like all the details in the joints.

*steals your talent...and inserts a silly comment*

My favorite part of this picture are her shorts because they look like a thong in the back :D

/end silly comment
Dezfezable Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009   Digital Artist
it's kind of weird to see your style lean more towards "anime", yet nostalgic at the same time. yeah my comment makes no sense, huzzah!

It's absolutely adorable though~. Definately love the color and mood of it. :3 Also, yaaay shiny!
ladyroll Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice draw!
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September 27, 2009
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