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Drawn: Originally, June 8th 2006 | Edited, June 9th 2009
Program: Painter 7
From: Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
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EDIT: May 22nd, 2010
Update to this illustration! Last year, for Anime Next 2009 I actually modified this illustration for sale... I totally forgot to add it - so here it is!

Original comment below:

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Is one of the best games I've played recently... ^^;;
I REALLY wanted to do a drawing after playing halfway through the game too, because I have NEVER successfully drawn the actual Mario characters [besides Princess Peach, but she doesn't count... ^^ ;;] and I try to draw Wario and Waluigi with little success... xD

I am so pleased with it too... Baby Mario is the cutest... ^^ ;;

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Art by Donna Brown. Character(s) from Nintendo. All rights reserved.
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SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Attack of the Shroobs!
superbabymariolove's avatar
Partners in Time! My favorite M&L RPG!! Love everything in this drawing, makes me want to play this game 😭💕 excellent work! ❤
Gerakobits's avatar
Stuffwell is having the best lines.
Pikapika2000's avatar
I can imagine Luigi hurting his foot, the take a time out for a sec, he says "I-I'm good." And Stuffwell shouting BACK TO ADVENTURE!
SonicClone's avatar
BalloonNyan's avatar
this is one badass picture! and it very high of quality! love it :P
arcadian123's avatar
Mari looks so Badass there... a nice combination of fun and awesomeness. Great work! xD
but that dark corner is a little weird...
sentaiblade's avatar
Now that's one badass Mario!
EyesOfThePhasm's avatar
Wow....just wow!!!!!!!! :lol:
NyandrewB's avatar
awesome :D good job
luigixpeach's avatar
Br0kenD0ll0fr0ses's avatar
Mario X peach is so cute! i love that couple! and the pic!
HaradaKaori's avatar
I loved that game so much. :'(
megamaster127's avatar
Pure awesomeness :iconsocuteplz:

:library: shit happens when you go to the library
Sliver isn't gay he's just different :wtf:
orboflightning's avatar
Amazing. I can't comment enough on your work. My favorite part though..... Peach's legs. Flawless. :D
Blue-Bird-1494's avatar
This looks awesome! :D

But Mario (adult) looks kinda scary :O
fb1907's avatar
i simply LOVE this.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Oh man, thats pretty bad ass! :D
SydSydrox's avatar
that is aewsome
andimccloud's avatar
This is fraggin' awesome. AND you have good taste in games, as Partners In Time is a really, -really- kickass title. This is a fantastic piece, I love it to bits. :)
StarCentury's avatar
My friend keeps telling me about THE SHROOBS and how warped they are every time I mention about Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. :XD: Mario looks really epic saving the princess yet again, which I have to say she's real beautiful the way you drew her. :) I think I may have to play this again as well as Super Mario Galaxy 2. :+favlove:
ZaxZero's avatar
Excellent colors!
Yeah I loved that game... check out Inside Story if you want more... they went all out with that one.
karniz's avatar
hehee, no worries, I am actually in process of playing Inside Story right now! god I love Bowser... ♥
and [not you, just venting] I love how this is a resubmitted piece that is even dated for 2006, and people think I'm just now playing this game... ^^;;
ZaxZero's avatar
Well it was confusing I guess because the description talked about how you were currently playing it.
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