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My Omnimo Panels

Still playing around with Omnimo 2...

Omnimo 2 by fediaFedia, Xyrfo, Giblet, Varelse42, Poiru
Bonus Pack Panels by Xyrfo

7Zone by TomRichter

Titan plate texture by Cybercop71 (modded)
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This is a nice layout for all the different panels. I'm just starting out with Omnimo and am keeping kinda simple right now but this makes me want to just go ahead and pull out and play with everything.
sorry but im new to this stuff . how did you change your windows' bar icons?
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A program called windowBinds, I believe :) Search windowbinds in google and choose the site called stardock, install it and download a WB skin called 7Zone (in the description of this Image) and install it :)
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Looks amazing can't wait to try it out
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this screenshot used Omnimo 2, you can get the latest version 3.1 at [link]

And thanks for faving!
Do you know how to change the font? I installed the two fonts that came with it but its still the Arial font or something. Do you know how to make the fonts look nice like yours? Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it!
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After installing a new font, you usually have to restart your computer before it will take effect in Rainmeter.
Hey thanks! Big problem now, whenever I open Rainmeter, it just crashes!
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Make sure you're using the latest version [link] some newer skins won't work with older versions. And if that doesn't work, you should head over to the rainmeter forum at [link] and ask over there, I'm not a coder or techie, just like to make things pretty :D
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Well the work is impressive, maybe a few hours to have it, isn't it ? And the organization is great, I think, if there were a program which regroup all these parts, this one would be a great application for touch screen computer & tablets.
But with all these widgets, your computer isn't slow now ? (enough memory to work properly ?)
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Thanks, it's a really easy suite to work with. It doesn't have to take a lot of time to organize, but it is hard to stop playing with it because there's so many different panels to work with and ways to move them around! It doesn't eat up alot of resources, very light, don't even notice it's running. It would be cool though if you could use it for a touch screen!
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amnezing ...... no comment .... all theme u have ... its ................ you work for microsoft? :)
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Thanks and no I don't work for microsoft :D - wish I did!
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Could you upload that image of snowman? It's totally awesome :-)

thank you!
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It's from InterfaceLIFT at [link]
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Totally awesome!
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Glad you like it, Yorgash, and thanks for faving it!:)
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