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I'm completely unsure when the last time I checked DA was. I was deterred away during the time of when the Admins weren't removing art, even if the original owner reported theft. I'm unsure how that has changed, but I've been told by Majin that things seem to have gotten better. It got me to think: DeviantArt was my first official exposure to sharing my art. It got me a long way, truly. As of the last couple of years art has been difficult. Real life and emotional problems made it hard to motivate. Will this help me? Who knows. Will it help me draw more? Only time will tell. But,let's just remain positive.

it's been a good while. I moved in with Majin back in July 2014. Was I still here at the time? uhhh? An excellent answer. We married in June of 2015, on out 11 year anniversary. A joy, of course! I wouldn't change a darn thing. I got a much better job in September of 2016. Splendid! We even got a Corgi back in February of 2015. Nice. c: We're working on moving to the next step: A place of our own, and even a family. ( When yours life is going just right /Pacha meme ) A bit stressful, if exciting! I'm so proud of how far my sweetheart has come along in his life, too. He's the absolute best!

I been hovering a lot with artists and websites and things. I have a few things to upload from the last couple of years. I don't draw Sonic as much, truly. We've developed Majin, Kar, and even Star to their own original characters.
However, this means I have nuked my DA box. Which means if I owe art to anyone, please, PLEASE send me a note, and we'll discuss what you want and I'll get to that. I want a fresh, better start here and leaving unkempt ends will not help that.
For anyone who is actually still active and watches me, I want to say thank you for sticking around. I hope to see you in the future, and hope that you'll be around for ages to comes.
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That sounds fantastic.

It's been a while since you've been here. :)
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Submitted on
August 15, 2017