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Silverwind sword by Karmakat01 Silverwind sword :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0
Mature content
The officer and the red coat part 2 :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 0 0
Mature content
The officer and the red coat :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 0 0
So Close, Yet So Far III CH 1 PART 2
So Close…Yet So Far III:
Chapter 1 part 2:
Once again I see that dream, except this time there is some difference. I don’t see just the corps on the floor and blood everywhere, I see myself giving order. Directing an army while I am in a full magic armor, I am fighting by their sides while Massak is there by my side. I see Joe and Lukwos fighting in front line, not far from me, all of us covered in blood as we give all we have to survive.
I see Brent, Bruce, Jaky, and Wuffy all in an encampment helping the best they can, from a distance. On the other side of the battle scene, I hear the dark and sinister laugh sounding all around us, like he is trying to freeze our blood and hearts in fear.
The scene changes, I start seeing the shape of a beautiful woman in armor, with a scepter. I then hear her voice telling me “Help us…we need your help battle mage. Be true to your destiny and save our worlds.”
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 3 0
So Close...Yet So Far III ch 1 part 1
So close…yet so far III:
Chapter 1: a “request” for help…
I am there, meditating under this waterfall that would have frozen most people, and is located not far from Massak’s village. Nilak had pointed it out to me when I said I needed to meditate on those dreams I kept having lately. When I had told her about them, after the second one happened, she said she would look into them. The only news I had about it since them, or at least I think it’s related, is that she is training Massak very hard. At the same time she had sent Lukwos and Joe to train together against the warriors of the village saying “Now that the paladin has found his mate they have to be ready to fight side by side.”
Normally we should have left since a week and a half but she had requested for us to stay longer with the excuse for my friends to be ready too. The ones that she surprised the most, I think, were Brent and his brother Bruce which were a
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 4
Karma Pateron by Karmakat01 Karma Pateron :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 5 4 Delusions by Karmakat01 Delusions :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 the weirdness begins by Karmakat01 the weirdness begins :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop's 2 comic by Karmakat01 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop's 2 comic :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 1 0 Coffee Breath Patreon by Karmakat01 Coffee Breath Patreon :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 9 0 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop GRAND OPENING! by Karmakat01 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop GRAND OPENING! :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 Omega Alliance IS FINALLY OUT! by Karmakat01 Omega Alliance IS FINALLY OUT! :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 Fire Of The Soul by Karmakat01 Fire Of The Soul :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 3 2 Light In The Sky by Karmakat01 Light In The Sky :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 4 0
Acceptance part 2
(end of the story: ACCEPTANCE)
That evening, sleep was mostly ignoring me, but I knew it was not much better for Massak the way he kept shivering in his sleep. I could only hold him against me and rub his back softly while hoping I could soothe his worries. At least a little bit. The morning after I could see, without asking, that no one had a really good night sleep. We were of few words that morning except a few nonsensical words. Until Massak’s phone biped and he picked it up to look at the message and just gave a nod at Marcus. “They heard ‘it’…”
Just from the look on Reis’ face I knew he was drawing a blank just like me. But I decided to not ask anything as I was passing around coffee and offering breakfast. Around lunch we were about to leave Marcus looked toward us and said “Let’s avoid surprises and meet at the main school entrance at 3 pm…no let’s meet at one thirty…I got another idea in mind first.”
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 5
Acceptance part 1
Follow up story for:
This is a fan-fiction made as a follow up to the link above. The original stories this was inspired from are “Cruelty” and “Unconditional”. Both stories and most characters, aka the ones from the original universe, are sole property of Rukis Croax, this being a fan fiction with no intention to make a profit from.
It was done in the intention of a birthday gift to the original author.
It had been 3 or 4 days since that evening at the bar with Reis and Marcus. Getting them introduced to Massak was the best idea I had I think at that point. It allowed Reis to relax more around me and to let Marcus know that they had friends they could hang out with instead of staying secluded at home every days off and weekends. We were even planning to escape toward the mountai
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0
dont hesitate to look inside for more work ), i love to get comments and critiques to know more. also most always open to commissions hehe

prices can be seen here

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some of the stuff i found the most interesting so far


Space Titan : Chris Hemsworth by leomon32
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Would you be willing to help me if i open a patreon with chapters I am working on, art, possible cameos and others... 

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Yes, this is another one of my journals with my point of views.


This is one based on some experiences I had since I was a kid, and well still have to go through. Even if it doesn’t do anything to me much anymore.

This is one is based on ‘Labels’ that a LOT of people seem to like to put or ‘stick’ on people.

When I was a kid when I heard about people ‘labeling’ others, I couldn’t even stop wondering why. Because all my life I kept thinking ‘Why are we labeled…we aren’t products on a supermarket right?’

Not only I didn’t ever seen the point to label someone but also what is the point to do it based on what people, supposedly, think about others without knowing anything?

Same way, what is the POINT to label someone due to their religions or country of origins?

At this point is not better than when people get offended by being ‘labeled’ as gay…no?

So I kept wondering why people don’t like being labeled even as ‘manga addicts’ or ‘comics’, for examples of many, STILL then label something on others without even knowing them. Or even less TRYING to learn the person…then I found the WHY. At least, as usual, to my point of view.


The way people label others is just ANOTHER, very not subtle, way to try to feel someone else bad. Another way to destroy them and try to make them feel better. YES I know it seems to be just silly to think that, but honestly WHAT ELSE?

We are, as Furry often LABELED AS ANIMAL FUCKERS…what’s the point in that besides trying to feel better about themselves? I KNOW IT DOES HAPPEN, YEAH but still not a point to generalize us into that LABEL. Yes I am a furry and some anime characters that are FURRY BASED TOO I can’t help to find them sexy. What is that to be labeled ‘animal fuckers’, even more when those characters are ANTHROPOMORPHIC, AKA 2 LEGS STANDING UP! The ones on all 4 I am more the type to want to HUG THEM. Are they going to label that TOO?

A lot of people label me as a ‘muscle head’, or a ‘asshole that just likes to direct everyone’. And that’s just a FEW of the labels set on me. As mostly Italian I am often considered a screamer AND directly as catholic in a way that most people don’t ‘like’.

Don’t ask me why, I never said I know everything…let’s just say that most people are still stuck in crusades or something. Or whatever…

Anyway if people spend a few minutes to know me they would know that I know a lot more than they think, that I hate to take directions of stuff UNLESS there is something that has to be done. Or the same way that I rarely use my full voice ‘power’ and that I am actually a Wicca…but people just love to label and don’t even realize stuff.

Me, I am not if what I do is labeling because what I prefer generally it’s to give people ‘nicknames’. Like my lil bro I call him Kitten, another friend I call him squeaker…but at least for me it’s based on what I know about them and not just assuming.

Even if at times I just do a ‘temporary nickname’ just to tease them.


But yeah to my point, labeling is useless. Not only you aren’t able to pick people in the supermarket that are on shelves. But also all it does it add more fights.


Also why, when I hear someone labeling me, I generally answer in a way to play with it. As more a way to piss them off that they really can with me anyway.



But yeah, once again as I keep saying, it’s just my point of view.

If you are labeled just shrug it off, and maybe even label yourselves. No need to give them more reaction than that. Right?



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