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The Artist Formerly Known as God
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The World

Nov 20, 1987 - I am born. I am born with zero expectations: no idea what color I am, what language I'm going to speak, what God I'm meant to worship. I am thrust from a world where the only thing in existence is myself, and the faded sounds of the world beyond, a soft indication of the life of the world to come. And dying to that womb brought me here. I do not remember it. But it thrust me from a primitive solipsism to a world of Other. September 7, 1993 - I attend my first day of first grade. It is at a public school. I have never been to a public school before. Pre-school and kindergarten were in a private, Lutheran setting. I was surround


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Survival, Torture and Struggle

It would be cliché to call the United States a nation of immigrants, but a cliché is not always without truth value.  The U.S.’ unique cultural heritage earns it many sobriquets, including the melting pot, but considering its age, America may better be recognized as the cocky young adult interacting with cultures many years its senior.  Owing their cultural milieu to various waves over time, these United States have integrated the values of diverse European nations into a strangely dissonant culture all its own.  It should not go unsaid, however, that the unique histories of various European countr


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Creative Prose

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What a Lion Sang Into Being

What a lion sang into being I danced out of the sky and I grasped him where he fell, shining bright, and making my night a day. He did this to grant my wish, kept you around ‘til morning, and his birds brought his manna for him to shine again, and with their wings carried him away. But I think in his intent he shone brighter than his rays, for I think he dropped on his way a final piece of fuel for his fire. It landed on you and now you shine alone on earth, a star single enough to bring all those wishes made on him real. I danced a star from the sky, and this one’s for you.

Poetry - Love

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The Elephant and Death

At the water hole: an elephant to drink a few gallons, a playful shower, then 'tis much simpler than remembering, though he has not forgotten To forget would be to kill again the death of the cub crawls to mind like the spider spinning a web to catch little flies, little beads in the dreamcatcher, let them not pass on, let them be destroyed A trumpet call to gather 'round herd the youngsters in the center: a target, bull's eye straight down Is it so bad that the elephant, who never forgets, cannot remember how his little one made his trumpet call?

Poetry - Angst

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Minute Minute

Car accident on the freeway and an abortion of Main Street and that murder a block a way the rape right next door. Here I sit counting away the seconds Sixty have passed and they have yet to begin

Poetry - Commentary

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On the Physics of Fairyland

In Fairyland,      an apple can fly around and miss Newton. I saw such things--      even tested them scientifically-- and found the laws of nature. They were in full effect. But I didn't see the stars,      for they did not shine, nor hear the ocean's cadence,      for the waves did not crash, nor admire a blue sky,      for it was all shades of gray. The apple tree grows      and bears golden candlesticks, and all the horses run backwards. In Fairyland, people fall up      and rise down, the sun never sets. In a world deaf and dull,      gray, noiseless, nonsensical, the magic is thick. For the Laws of Nature are in full

Poetry - Fairyland

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Were I to teach what time forgot, I would show you all the things that it remembers: the great victories of hate over time, the periods of peace sustained by sword. And in that you might know what it values, which is naturally so different from us, who value the endurance of love beyond defeat and the lasting conflict borne of intimacy between two so different they cannot help but be alike in their passions: a peg to fit a hole, and a shovel to dig ever deeper into the earth, a foundation formed by these tired hands, weary arms that tried so futilely to hold you where you stood against me, against the world that told us no! I a

Poetry - R.S.V.P.

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Nature Over Nurture


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White Noise -WIP-

Eighty-eight keys- but you only have fingers- to make white noise, the sound of crashing against the shore, grinding into sand while we and your ten fingers run along scurrying and making music gently, fleeting, dance alongside and I will and you will It's a dischordant sound, every note together but it is our to sing it with two voices.


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