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Through an opening in the canopy
the sunset caught your skin,
and in the warm light of the evening
I caught my breath to take you in:
the sure grace of your cheek
led to the soft point of your chin.

I was twenty, you were eighteen,
and we were too wide-eyed to know
that what passed between us, so mystified,
was how love begins to grow.

Now I wander through the dark night
and wait for break of day
for in the morning, in the sunlight,
you still take my breath away.

But in the evening, in the soft light,
in the glow of silver moon,
I sing softly, whisper plainly,
longingly hum myself this tune:
that in the morning, in the sunlight,
we would find ourselves again
in the warm place ‘neath the canopy
where sunset caught your skin.

And I’ll know now
‘bout that stirring, not be so alarmed,
when you take me, kiss me plainly
and hold me in your arms.
Intended to be an art song of sorts, though it has no music (I am the lyricist, not the musician). This was written on a whim without much planning behind, and I think it might end up being a work in progress as I refine it for music--if it ever gets music, swell.

With the categorization of "other romance", one might wonder why it's not "teen or young romance." The answer is in the conclusion stanza: the song is actually a reminiscence of those moments that taught the singer what it was to be in love. Everyone has their first time.

Not just sex. But a first crush. A first kiss. A first big date. A first "I love you." A first boyfriend, a first girlfriend. A first meeting with the family. To the initiate, this can seem exciting while also being undeniably terrifying. But once you learn it, there is no going back. You are now prepared, if still excited.
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Beautiful. This would definitely make a great song.
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I am no longer involved with the musician (The Girl in Question). Maybe she'll still take it and turn it into a song.
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