Bless the Burned Bridges

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And you say screw
the root and curse
the branches,
but I wonder if you might
take the tree,
chop it into logs
for a fire to keep
you warm at night.

But do the bridges you burn
light up the sky
like the stars
we used to wish upon;
or wrap you in warmth
like my arms?

So I wonder now if
you finally realize:
it is not enough to
want to be good,
for you never were
and never can be.

Nor can I be noble
and love you perfectly
(though God knows I tried);
we are human and children,
all fragile and foolish
and mistaken so often.

For this we have
as the only law we know,
and we do not live by it
well, else we might
not be so obssessed
with goodness and love.

Yet do we know evil
and I wonder how
you might propose now
to return to land
as you sink where once
you stood on that bridge.

Or you might replant
a tree and find again
that wood is good
for building bridges,
where it lasts forever,
so not like in a fire,
which ends and leaves you cold.

You want to be good,
and I want to be noble.

That is not enough,
but I love you.
Every time we try to be good, we make mistakes. We are not perfect. We are failures, and it is a meaningless struggle for one to merely wish to be good when they do not know what good is. You just want to be good? You're not good, and it is not enough to wish it; you have to be it.

Religion will not make you good, and I don't think that's religion's goal. People oppose religion because they find it pushy, but it always pushes with an agenda--towards goodness. We resist those things we are in conflict with. So my question becomes: which is bad--us or religion? I've seen enough of human cruelty to think the answer is us, not God.
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I love your comments. The last sentence is spot on. Its definitely humans, and people tend to forget what their purpose for being religious was in the first place. In my opinion, religion and God are separate. People tend to add their own agendas to religion.
Spirituality, in my mind, is something humans should strive for instead of religion. This way you can build a foundational relationship with God without the commercialism and negativity associated with "religion". Thought provoking as always :clap: