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BtRotD - Turnaround Lyra



This particular character was one of the most overhauled ones out of the lot of em. She was the first tabletop RPG character I made (I'm not including the single one I made in high school because that experience was kind of a disaster game wise and I'm honestly shocked it didn't turn me away from the hobby indefinitely. XD).

This is Lyra Samothrace. She was a sorcerer who was the child of a god or something (think like Zeus-level interfering with humans, yanno what I mean?), she was kinda airheaded, and we only had like 3 game sessions, but I felt kind of obligated to put her in the book. After all, she started this whole mess for me. :P

(on the bright side, there's totally a class/archetype that fits her in Pathfinder now, sooooo maybe she'll get used again someday. WHO KNOWS.)
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I love this design sooooo much!