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N9160 Zephyr


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COM: FB Page of PD Bad Intentions


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N1733 RJE Chili Cubana [SOLD]

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EOY WHA Parade Extra - Collab

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Customization: Mirror


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King of Hearts


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[DECEASED] Conquest of Sea

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Speak Easy


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TLEC Little Dutchess Desperada

Grandfoals+ of my horses

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TLECs On-Going (Mini) Training Show [New Journal!]

Rules Anyone may enter. All breeds, realistic or fantasy. Enter as many horses per class as you like. Host may enter. Any type of entry is allowed, sketch, headshot, whatever. c: Reused lines, Pre-made lines, and commissioned work is allowed Multiple headshots per entry (headshot sheets) is allowed If you dont see a class you want, tell me and ill add it. Just comment with your entries list a link to the horses reference, link to this show, and class entering in the description You may NOT enter show entries that have already been entered and/or placed in other shows. Tack must be shown for halter/riding classes, but riders are not necessary. Sponsors: HARPG-Paint-Horses INTEquineRegistry Prizes Prizes Horses will have all quarter to enter classes. At the end of the quarter, placings will be counted and show titles will be awarded. There is just not enough interest to do it monthly, if interest picks up i will switch it back to monthly.. classes will run weekly, on

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Adis Epic Outlaw


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Brownie Brittle

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Breeding Rules for BAR and IBS Animals

:new: 6/22/18 A new clause has been added on mare specific rules about my stable prefixes. :new: 5/16/18 Some rules have been changed/adjusted. Review them if you wish. I will be listing all rules regarding breeding to Broken Arrow Ranch and Infinity Bow Stables horses. I will require ALL prospective breeders of the horses that reside in these stables to sign the necessary contract if the pairing occurs on or anytime after this date- 5/17/17. Under NO circumstances will you be allowed to breed to these horses if this contract is not signed and approved. I will decide the prices for all slots as I deem fair and will change them as I see fit

Breeding Rules

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Adopts (3/9 OPEN)

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GOR Urban Cowboy


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Cryptic Code


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N9160 Zephyr

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K485 NGS Kung Fu Fighting - SOLD

Horses I'd like a breeding with someday.

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WBS Buzzer's Lone Dove

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Finished Misc YHHs


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Pistol Packing Princess Comission

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N2782 Summer Berries Padro

Art of My Horses

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HTS Burning Blue

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FTU Multi option base

Line art, BG, Greyscale

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Point system

POINT SYSTEM Like many other breeds, the Zlesdin has its own point system. The system exists to make owning a Zlesdin a little more enjoyable and rewarding, and to encourage owners to have fun with their horses. Only registered Zlesdins can level up in their rank. To check a Zlesdin's rank, search them by their ID in the registry journals. As a new feature since Oct 23, the latest Rank Note is now linked there for easy access for the owner and admins. This grants easier handling and that no ZP will get lost along the way! -------- HOW TO RANK UP YOUR ZLESDIN 1. Create a ZP Tracker Can be (but not limited to) in the artist's description o

Point Systems

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Compulsion II: Goldenrod Colored Pattern Papers

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Make Your Own Show Halter!

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RQS Border Collie #8

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Shading Tutorial|Free to use


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HHR Just A Canadian Gunner


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Rouge's Color Me Shocked

Appy Mares

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LSS Chocolate Milk Ref

Appy Studs

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AS Abyaz

TB Studs

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WSA Jabberwocky

Thoroughbred Mares

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Warrior Inside

Beautiful Manips

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WRR Outskirts of Heaven

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HHR Shere Khan

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FRS Daemonic Lust


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120 PD Heaven Bound - ARH

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203 OCF Banana Foster

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Saga #329

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Tizian #305

Barroco Studs

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A6391 de Havilland

Nordanner Designs I Drool Over

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Drakehest Import 22004

Drool Worthy Drakehest

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N8399 Random Padro Import - AshTheDreamer

Yummy Padro Designs

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(Removed) P2U Tokotas HP sheets

Please do not purchase any P2U HP sheets from user @/PortysPrideRescue as they have directly copied some of the tokotas from my sheets. These sheets are still up in their gallery and listed for sale. UPDATE: These sheets are no longer available. Too many people have broken the rules, tracing tokotas straight off these HP sheets. Many have used them to cheat art payments. THIS IS NOT OKAY. I am horrified that people stole my lineart to cheat and scam, hurting others in the process. These sheets are no longer available for purchase. I will not be making any more public HP sheets. If you have purchased HP sheets from me, you may continue to u

Tokota Rescources

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Art Of My Tokotas

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