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Skyrim Cursor Set

For those who love skyrim
14 total cursors, 3 animated (working, link and busy)

To install: Right click the "Skyrim.inf" file, then select install. Then go to Control Panel - Mouse - Pointers- and select Skyrim.

I hope you like it!.

Edit: Added Smaller version (-33%) by request.
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muy buen trabajo, gracias

you did a great job mate

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Thank you soooo much

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Thank you so much for making these. They're amazing!
DanteSDT's avatar
I love this set! Dat Face 
eza2510's avatar
Been using these cursors since 2012 despite having moved between 4 different computers. It's at the point where I'm so used to these cursors that one of the first things I do whenever I reset or get a new computer is download these cursors so thank you.
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that's so cute lol
AnnaUkuriChan's avatar
my life is completed.. 
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Great cursors!
SlinkSalmon50's avatar
On of the nicest cursors I have used so far nice job man!
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Thanks A billion Karlo!
I wish some website would mention your work, it was kind of hard to find with google.
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This is great, thanks :D
KayleStormcloaks's avatar
Thanks you very much, your set is very cool!
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Great job! These are awesome and thank you for the two different sizes!
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Very low temperature!

Thank you for sharing.
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This is the most well-made cursor package I have seen!
How can I download it? - a New guy
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