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Dingo Pup - Stick Chasey

A couple of Dingo pups playing chasey with a stick.

Dingoes are poorly understood even within Australia, and are a Threatened species. (and no, they're not dogs; they're 'Canis lupus dingo).

Taken at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre in Toolern Vale (Victoria).
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AW! This is so very cute!
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Thanks :-) They were a LOT of fun to play with!
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I'm so jealous....
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Hey, your chain mail is awesome! I went the lame option and got this from Think Geek: [link]

The rings are aluminium, so it's not exactly going to stop anything sharper than a butter knife (and even then I'd be concerned)!
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Heh, mine are made out of cast steel, heavy and durable but I'm not planning on getting stabbed, even with a butter knife :P