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MadaIta : crow

Madara & Itachi

Итачи здесь еще мелкий, когда ему было 12-13 лет )
А на фоне - страна дождя
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major nosebleed 
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*dies from nosebleed*
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awesome :D Madara looks like very nice! And Itachi too :)
hot hot HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
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How can I find my brother and Madara making out, hot?

wow I think there hot either way
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So beautiful. I love the atmosphere. The raven at Itachi's leg is a nice touch.
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nice!! they are so hot!!!
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*jumps up and down* I love it!! They're so cute!!
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for some ungodly reason, i love itachi's feet here more than his beautiful face +one
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а ворон (или ворона) за ними подсматривает...
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i love this couple great amazing job
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OHHH i so romantic
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I love the passion in this picture.....Its awsome!
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there are some mistakes, the proportions and some little details, but it's a cute picture full of emotions.
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madara u sexy beast you :)
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cool! Шикарно вышло)) А на пейринг - вообще таз слюней ^_^
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usually i don't even bother with yaoi but this was well done and hot enough to get my attention. great job, it's beautiful.
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