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HP : Severus Snape

Ink + watercolor + photoshop
Обажаю сочетание фиолетового и такого холодного зеленого..
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Beautiful, I love the colors and the look of bleeding ink
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Wow, this is the best!
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I love the way the purple of his robes bleeds into the green of the floor. Beautiful watercolour work!
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Aww, this is wonderfully done! His coat, colours and the atmosphere of this piece... Amazing, really. Love it! :heart:
Lysandre-Pernelle's avatar
Clothes and ground colors :love:
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Love the textures and line-work. Very dark and interesting. :D
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This is amazing!!! I love how Snape's cloak sort of trails off into streaks of ink!!! :heart:
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What magnificent drawing :}
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Poor old Snape, just sitting there, brooding as usual. i love it though i cant do watercolors to save my life let alone ink! I love it :love:
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This is wonderful - The color scheme fits perfectly :D
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I love the hint of green mixed with the purple! Amazing!
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Цвета потрясные. Но больше всего мне нравятся складки вот эти вот забавные закорючки-потёки-незнаючто. У меян вот такие изящные никогда не получаются.
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