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Alice in wonderland

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Alice in wonderland
I love this book and game American McGee's Alice )
Что-то между книгой и игрой + ориджинал
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neokamatari General Artist
I like your style and the symbols you use. Can you help me? What is the meaning of the symbols in Alice's pocket?
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All is simple - there are signs of planets - Neptune and Jupiter) In astrology it means a person with a bright imagination.
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Dark, but precious!
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A-s-t-r-a General Artist
Где я?????????????????????????????? Как меня вылечить??????????????????????? Как меня спасти????????????? Если я никогда не была вылечена.
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A-s-t-r-a General Artist
НЕТ!!!!!!!!!!! Я ненавижу Боженьку. Это дерьмо меня даже вылечить не смогло. Ни разу. Нет Боженька слишком тупое ущербное дерьмо. 
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A-s-t-r-a General Artist
О чём все эти люди Как меня спасти. Что со мной. Ты самый тупой Боженька из всех. Где он я вообще не знаю, но хуже всего, что я не знаю где я и за что мне вся эта невыносимая непреодалимая великая и незаслуженная боль.
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I wish the mad hatter did look like that in the video game
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RPgurl15Hobbyist General Artist
<3 the Hatter is so good ^u^
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ExoticCherryBlossomHobbyist General Artist
I love your art so much! it's colors are so unique & fresh!
The Mad-hatter is so sexy oh my gosh <3 x___x
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Oh, thank you)
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artbluemuffinProfessional Digital Artist
I am a Masters student based in Perth WA currently completing an elective on Curatorship and exhibiting. I have to set up an exhibition
and I was referred to your work as perfect for the show. Happy for you to submit beyond the 5th if you need to…
its a bit different- you only have to post an example of some of your work at this stage, preferably with an Alice theme.

Dont hesitate to ask me questions.


Julie Fearns Pheasant

'Its Just Alice '
A page set up for invited Perth creatives involved in an event based on Wonderland in 2014.
An exhibition/event with a difference; it is works in progress, works in action, its work on display.
Its just Alice.

Ist Submission by 4th May

Artists, Filmmakers, Poets, Writers, Actors and Crafts persons

This is just the start.

Be involved in this exciting new project planned to be held at the fantastic Fremantle Art Centre in 2014

Limited spaces available.

There are several stages in the project:
(Persons completing first stage by the 4th May will be automatically in show)
- Your first response to the theme, word WONDERLAND
- …Quick sketches, poems, storyboards, ideas/film ideas, diagrams to be submitted jpg/word format, to be submitted in 3 days. (4th May). On the Facebook page. [link]
As weeks go buy, a piece of writing, a word, a piece of prose will be chosen as a challenge. Your audience will watch your challenges.

The event will last for 14 days. There will be artwork on walls, in progress, read, acted and filmed.

Audiences will be invited to watch the progress on Facebook, on a Blog page, during the event…and purchase art, poems, and videos of performance on the day.

An Event submission will be placed to the Board of Fremantle Art Centre at the end of May.

Scared of such a short time to create?

Dare yourself.
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If you want to use my work - you can use it with indication of my authorship.
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SoulReaperladyStudent General Artist
The Hatter is handsome.
I'm waiting for him to kiss Alice.
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elijarmanStudent General Artist
its alice
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I think ... I am in love! The hatter is too cut (='_'=)
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you're welcome ^^
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Karou33Hobbyist General Artist
I playled that Alice madness returns!!!! XD I'm in the Queens Domain
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alice madnes returns :D
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it looks nice when the hatter is wispering in her ear
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