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Steve vs Captain Falcon

I like to redraw things
it's my debility

 SMG4 Steve 

Hope you like it!
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Y'know, normally I would think this scenario funny, but ever since the video Game Theory did on Steve's strength, I would be praying in Captain Falcon's situation.

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Oooh pretty cool!
Is redrawing not bad? I wonder if redrawing is a good thing to do.

It was then that Steve had had enough of peoples’ shit.

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s u f f e r m o r e
pikachuandsonic's avatar

Steve looks like he is strangling his opponent!

gavinisdie's avatar
Falcon pOnch doesn't work now, does it?
LundoJelding's avatar

This made me actually laugh out loud a little--not sure why... I guess there's just something funny about it. Maybe his unexpectedly luscious muscles and bum? Whatever the case, great drawing!

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“I can hold the weight of of the entire solar system in one hand. Don’t test me, Falcon.”
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Omae wa yuwai.


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Look at me. I’m the captain now.

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That's pretty awesome. :)

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I want to play minecraft on pc

He hurt Steve's chickens. Now he gonna die.
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*insert jotaro theme*

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You're screwed now, Captain!XD

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Eres débil capitán falcón, te faltó más FALCON PUNCH

AntasmaONE's avatar

It looked more like he was choking him

darknessking20's avatar

“do you know what it’s like to punch a tree, Captain?”

keondramcintyre's avatar

Why you hit his chicken?!😶

"I have seen things that would blow your muscle brained mind to bits, 'Captain'."
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te pasate de lanza karla XD

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"Look at me."
"I'm the captain now."
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