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.:OMD Pg 2:.

By KarlaDraws14
Second Chapter! Pastel colourss!!
a friend help me coloring the background

Him page: :iconscribble-hatz: 

He is gonna help me with the backgrounds for now ;) Watch Him!

Well, sweet words of a father to her child to come out of her castle UwU

I'll Drink To That! 

Previous Page:

Next Page:

Hope You Like It!
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the hell is a masochist a personality trait?!?
TwilightTheSniper's avatar
Its someone who gets off on being hurt.
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soooo......comedians stories?
TwilightTheSniper's avatar
Physical pain.
A Masochist is someone that gets turned on from receiving physical pain. 
TwilightTheSniper's avatar
Yes, but imagine just a bit more painful.
TeddyTaw's avatar
so with spikes!....

if there was a masochist in saw they would be in heaven or hell
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Why does Cherry have X's for eyes?
Yoshieggheads07's avatar
I think Cherry has these crosses on her eyes because she has detached her head from her body. (making her look like she's dead but she's still alive)
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Oh, anyway Cherry's cute
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Castle : what did i miss?
Baroness von bon bon : nothing you miss nothing?.⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙-_-||-_-#-_-#⊙_⊙〒_〒-_-#
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You know, I just realized I can see Bon Bon's Castle's eyes.
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Omae Wa Mō Hipotecaideru

(You're already Remortgated)
RoboBoltScout's avatar
omae wa mo shindeiru
Freezy-The-Hedgehog's avatar
Yes please continue this! I love all your cup head characters so much. Mugman and Cala Maria is my top though I am loving cuphead and Bon Bon 
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why can't i help but say Awwwwww!BEAUTIFUL Le Gaster Lick 
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I did the math to try and guess how old they are:
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Cherry Soda
Level 20

Level 14

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