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Games Human 4

Here i come again with this!

I really wanted to Humanizate R.O.B, like, some RoboCop... But old and Blind lol
And Jiglypuff, like a little Stardoll Singer... and Fatass xdxdxd

Maybe later i will upload the Kirby & Dedede Humanizations

 Jigglyfloof Intensifies (Usable Emoticon)  (Insert R.O.B in here)

Hope You Like It!
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I like them both! Really captures their characters, like how you made R.O.B and old acientist.

This is an amazing picture. My favorite one is Pathfinder RPG. If you don't know about this game, it was created more than 10 years ago. I found this game when I stayed at home in the quarantine. I began to play it because I wanted to try something new. Like first impressions, I liked this game, it is well made and it was very interesting for me. Moreover, it was very hard to boost my character but the best solution for this was to do some clicks on the Internet to find some solutions. I came across, guys are specialized in this game and helped me to increase my character.

ROB looks like Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

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I love how Jigglypuff is showcasing the booty

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I've been wanting to make my own Gijinkapuff
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we need more of that jigglypuff
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human R.O.B. looks awesome, not that normal R.O.B. doesn't look too bad either
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I like the idea of old man rob
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Everyone talking about how thicc human Jigglypuff is while I'm here talking about how cool human R.O.B. looks.
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Human Rob looks like Michael Fazbender
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Dat ******ss! XD
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just found your deviantart this is great :3
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Jigglypuff is looking quite jiggly
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Jigglypuff: y este mis amigos es un buen culito 7v7
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Dr. Roberts was an acclaimed roboticist who was responsible for bringing a dying industry back to life thanks to a toy he invented which didn't sell well, but was able to kickstart a long-lasting career for several companies and himself. He later suffered an illness which left him blind and confined him to a wheelchair. Despite this, he created an exoskeleton to enable use of his legs as well as a visor which allowed him to see, but was very limited in resolution. He later entered the Super Smash Bros. tornament in hoping to win the prize money to fund his research and eventually be able to find a way to regain his sight. To stand a chance, he outfitted his exoskeleton with a jetpack, modified his visor to fire a powerful laser as well as using deadly spinning blades called Gyromites based on one of his toy designs.
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Thanks! Your version of R.O.B. made me think: "old scientist", so I wrote that.
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This is good lore right here.
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JIGGLYPUFF IS SO.....................KAWAII >w<[Emote] - Jigglypuffed [Emote] - Jigglypuffed [Emote] - Jigglypuffed [Emote] - Jigglypuffed [Emote] - Jigglypuffed [Emote] - Jigglypuffed 
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Jigglypuff is so cute!! :D
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AWWWW~ jigglypuff CUTE! 
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gotta agree with jig there
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