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Cuphead and Mugman

Human versions update
More accurate this time, because the other versions are very... Anime? Full of unnecessary details?

The point, I'm very happy with this drawing!
And very excited for the New Cuphead show!!

Hope you like it!
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This is soooo cool!

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hey i like your art and has a tons of likes you've got i like your drawing

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This is really cute, and I really like your designs!

Were you trying to pay Homage to "lunch atop a skyscraper" with the background?

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And so I says, ¨Get your own!¨

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What will you say if cherry and sea tea would have them on the video game(because their part of project:multiverse)
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Epico el dibujo,solo una pregunta cuando se estrena el show de cuphead?!

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Karla me ases un art trade plis amiga
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I really love your interpretation of these characters! I don't really see people draw them with dark skin, most go the route of white skin and hair. I especially like how you kept the more cartoony look of the characters! Very cute!
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I think the dark skin is supposed to be a reference to how their voices sound in the Netflix show.

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This makes me minder if turning a white cartoon character like Mickey Mouse and making him into a human but his skin color is white would be offensive or not?

Quick answer; usually not
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You NAILED the show's cartoonier expressions and color palettes.

The sepia tone is a nice bonus.

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Omg, that's is absolutely mind-blowing
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Make sense because cuphead voice actor is black... I'm not races
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Okay, now that's beautiful

To be fair, the "anime" style most people are familiar with is a direct descendant of old-school Mickey Mouse and other sources that Cuphead also drew from.

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This is the biggest major success ever (11111 veiws)

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humanhead and manman

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I like the hats

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