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The Sun

Inspired by that music - [link]
And it's been a VERY LONG TIME I've made something with a explosion
But, seriously, that one is a kick-ass!
Vector by :iconlarsurus:
BG by :iconhellswolfeh:
That rock by too!

I need to draw something :iconravegwahplz:
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i would like the same but canterlot more visible. still great image :) 
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Reminds me of the blog's probably just the armor style
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Good... for the Solar Empire :P

Long live the NLR!! :salute:
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Nicely done! :) Looks really good!~
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Dude, you think someone will pay you for this awesome picture?
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If you do that, it only saves as a thumbnail. So if you use it on any computer that is bigger than the thumbnail, it becomes really blurry.

If you buy it, you get the full size wallpaper.
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The problem is, i don't want pony wallpapers. :trollface:
And i always get my wallpapers that way and they look awesome. They aren't blurry at all. Plus there are programs that can clean it.
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Hm. What's your screen resolution?
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Well maybe the preview/thumbnails you're downloading are 1366x768? I don't see why it wouldn't be blurry if they were smaller.
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they really need to fix that somehow lol
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No they don't. This is very useful. If i didn't had this option, i would have got many F marks due to school power point projects. So it's better to keep it this way.
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Nice armor. I really like the helmet.
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