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Rainbow 'Alicorn' Dash

Did this under that music - [link]
Vector by awesome :iconrubypm:
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- My dear little ponies, today a new darkness rices. Long ago nightmare moon ruled our nation, keeping us all in shakles! I will not command you to follow me into battle, I will not ask you to. However let me tell you one thing, I will stand against this darkness, and I will WIN! If you wish to join me then so be it, and we will write history togeather, so join me if you wish my little ponies, and let us spread our wings!

The crowed let out a roar and started to stamp its hooves before taking up perfect formations. With a smile on her lips the alicorn started to walk down towards her subjects and army. As she passed Spitfire, her own general the mare joined by her side as well as a unicorn named Starshine Dream.

- Well then, lets do this!
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I would say this makes her one hundred and twenty percent cooler but I have a feeling that's been over done in the other comments by now. 

Wait... I just said it anyway didn't I? 

Either way, this is unadulterated awesomeness incarnate.  Well done. 
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i wish i could draw like that.
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Im not good at drawing...
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digital art even more!
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She is now 30% cooler
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Holy cow!!
This wallpaper is awesome on so many levels, this is 100x better than what I can make.
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And don't worry, you'll soon get better c:
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OH MY GOD THIS IS DIASDBI AMAZING! I LOVE IT SO MUCH *_______* its nice to see how it fixes so well with the background and everything, really, its stunning. <3
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wow, awesome wallpaper.
Nice work ^^
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I love the way how her mane looks like ;)
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Oh hayseed. Badass in the house!!!
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Aaaaaaaand the Badass has been doubled. :iconfacehoofplz:
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