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Putting Your Hoof Down ~ Wallpaper

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If you haven't watched "Smile HD" - don't watch it.
Seriously, this creator is crazy or probably on drugz...
I actually thought that it will be happy and good video, but then...
Besides, this pose of Fluttershy made me just... "WALLPPAPER! NAOW!"
I hope you will like this wall! (Dat lights n' shades)

And dear *MisterDavey, visit a psychologist or stop doing these stuff!


Vector by *Gray-Gold
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Time: 1 hour 15 min

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:iconflutterbitchplz: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A BRO HOOF...... TO THE FACE?!?!?
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It will be perfect >:3
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Cool! I'll use it :D
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chuck norris broke hes own laptop trying to brohoof fluttershy
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I will admit, this Fluttershy pose is awesome, but I REALLY didn't enjoy that music video X(
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RD's death made me cringe, but I liked watching it. I'm into really demented stuff...
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Dragon ball z punch inbound
SomePkmn-LovingDude's avatar
Helping her friends... LIKE A BOSS! :iconlikeabossplz:
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When the most bloodiest Mlp video pops up on YouTube...  Notice that most of them actually relates to pinkie pie killing some pony.. And by one video I mean , cupcakes...
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Cupcakes is better, than Smile
HyperSpyro's avatar
Yeah... It sometimes scares the crap out of me....
Tails-Doll-Lover's avatar
Yeah.... Too late to tell me not to watch it e^e

I feel sick everytime I think of that one scene, where Pinkie gives a super punch at Rainbow and......... -No more spoilers, 'cause too gory to describe!-

And Pinkie deserved all of these punches. I don't even KNOW how she fricking survived Rainbow's, er.... Rainboom punch? Bleh, 4th wall breakers = cheaters >:I
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I  didn't watch it :boogie:
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I remember this from Smile HD  O.O
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Eat a snickers Fluttershy..
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*munch* Better?
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