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Pegasus ~ Wallpaper

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EDIT: Added some saturation & some text speciments

Well, tried to make it more minimal and colorful ;ω;
Also, finished playing SR4, but I will still play this, 'cause super powers!

There is also without text -

Vector by ~RatchetHuN
BG by ~Proenix
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Time: 50 min

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Mind if I use it on Facebook? Giving you credit, of course.
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Looks ALOT like…, Did you copy? o.e Not in a mean way. Just a question.
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This is the VECTOR. My art is the WALLPAPER using his VECTOR!
Know the differences.
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great drawing 
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It's amazing! :) (Smile) 
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This is one of the most awesome wallpapers (about RD) I've ever seen c___O
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I'd like to see an episode, hopefully story arc, of Cloudsdale "landing", so as to not make themselves "above" other ponies and equestrians. If I was mayor of that huge frikkin city I'd so land it just for that reason. It's sort of a symbol of what no other species can reach: Flight, and it's uber unfair.
Поправочка: BEST pegasus
Очень красивый арт, молодец :3
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Спасибо :D
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this is really well made, but to be honest, the "Pegasus" writing completely ruins it
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There is a special "no fucking text for you" in description.
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oh wow thx
sorry for the bother btw. ill use it right away
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OMFG IT RAINBOW DASH!! i like rainbow dashMeow :3 cat planet Yazeman :la: icon Fagooplz Cute Cat Icon Love Bounce Dancing Dragon Updated 
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lol srry i was hyper
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