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Lovely Cadance

What is LOVE!
Mare, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.
Vector by :iconhawk9mm: (+Respect)
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ah, with a wallpaper there is not a lot I can do in the way of critiques, but here we go.

Your vectoring work is certainly impressive, the colours are vibrant and very into the cadance style, but I had some small nitpicks with this.

The first thing would be Cadances colours. They were just so much paler than I'm used to, and it was a bit of a shock seeing it right off the bat.

I know the vector is not yours, So I shall refrain from critiquing it, although again, that seriously detracts from what I can say about this.

The whole lineart thing around her is very off-kilter for her character, and it really didn't characterize her like other styles could have.

Apart from the bottom right corner, the rest of the art feels very bland and underdone, it really could have had at least something added to it, although this could be just my aesthetic tastes getting into this.

All in all, while I did have some problems with this, it is really a very good wallpaper. I won't be using it, but it is very nice, and your vectoring skills and lineart obviously there. 7/10!
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you made tribal of pen tool?.. thats very nice job wallpaper :)
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And yes
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:iconderpyshrugplz: pen tool photoshop is not easy to do logo design
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its nice to see young boys can vector :)

so i made this vector logo [link] the srt8 logo is vector by me
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I found my new wallpaper! This is amazing!
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