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In Peace ~ Wallpaper

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"So, Dash, how are doing today? Mmm?"
I've finally managed to make this wallpaper with this vector...
Still, I will be busy with answering on questions in Tumblr, so have this "lovely" moment.
I hope you'll "love it"!

Vector by ~thediscorded

Background by ~Ironfruit
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Time: 2 hours 30 min

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© 2013 - 2021 Karl97
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Very beautiful wallpaper!
Just out of curiousity, is that a sunrise or a sunset?
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And thanks!
Sonork91's avatar
You're welcome ^^
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TwiDash? :'D

Appledash ftwzoarz but is it twidaaash?

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This surprised me, you win a follower n_n
Nakan0i's avatar
Looks...Awesome :happybounce: 
Karl97's avatar
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id say this looks like when i prapozed. but it was the midnight when (in an RP) my OC was able to prapoze. ((and yes my spelling is always this bad^^))
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She looks so cute. With that vector and the lighting from the background, it looks amazing.
You earned an instant-fave. :+fav:
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Dat wellpeper c:
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Y'know if her eyes were watering a little bit, you'd change the meaning of this picture entirely.
Karl97's avatar
You mean, if she started to cry?
Drewdini's avatar
Yeah, yeah. Like maybe this is somewhere she used to go with her brother, and she's gone off to see it herself, then a little bit later one of the other mane five walk up behind her, and she turns around and -- with that expression and a little bit of tears in her eyes, "My brother used to take me here all the time before I moved away to Ponyville. It's... funny how you can start to miss these things."
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Dude, right now you gave a good idea.
I'll try to add the tears...
Drewdini's avatar
Cool. Glad I could inspire ya.
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Lovely work Karl~
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