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GermanyxReader: Never let go
You gripped your rifle close to your chest, the sound of gunfire ringing in your ears as you kneeled in the small ditch, your coat tied close around your waist and your helmet set loosely on your head. Trench warfare had to be your least favorite part about war. Though you never liked the war to begin with, this really didn't help sway your mood. The Russian soldiers could be heard all around, from their gun fire to there shouting. But you could also hear the sound of your allies, the Axis countries of Italy and Germany, along with their armies. You took a quick peek from your position, adjusting your helmet to improve your vision, to make sure you could get to the trenches as quickly and safely as possible. Quickly, maybe. Safely, not so much. Though with the enemy quickly closing in, you knew you had to move and soon. Either that or meet face to face with a Russian's gun. So you opted to go quickly. You waited for the gun fire from the other side to settle a little before moving out
:iconcraftykenzie:CraftyKenzie 155 365
GermanyxSick!Reader - Together
   You sighed and rolled over onto your side, away from the living room, burying your face in your pillow. Strewn across your couch was a very pitiful looking you. Your hair a mess, beads of sweat rolling down your forehead and neck, you coughed and your head throbbed. This was the third day of staying home sick. You felt too awful to call Germany to let him know you were bed-ridden despite his many attempts to get in contact with you. You knew he'd be mad, but he can deal with it. Missing training for a few days wouldn't kill you.
   Rolling back over to reach for your glass of water on the coffee table, the annoying sound of your ring tone pounded at your head. You groaned and felt around for your phone, only wanting to silence it rather than see who it is. As you pressed the "Silence" button and set it down, you stared at the phone and your curiosity got the better of you, and you checked your call history. It was Germany. You sighed.
:iconpatchouli-rolling:Patchouli-Rolling 324 56
PirateEnglandxReader: Treasure
Arthur stood, dumbfounded at the sight before him. Everywhere, his men were scattered, beaten and injured. His black British flag was torn and wreaked. He quickly made his way to one of his men, lifting up to look at him. "What happened here? Who did this?" The man winced as he tried to sit up. "Another pirate… he came from the ports and attacked us… he took us by surprise and we were over whelmed." The captain stood up. "Alfred, can you take care of these men?" The other blonde came over and took the man over his shoulder. "Sure thing, captain.". As the man took off, Kirkland could help but feel like something was… missing. He knew something was off but he just couldn't put his finger on it. He headed to his study, his mind boggled by this missing feeling in his chest. What could it be? he thought as he opened the door. He gasped in shock as he looked in his quarters. Their was broken bottles and loose papers everywhere. He looked around his now messy room when h
:iconcraftykenzie:CraftyKenzie 235 106
England x Reader Kidnap
You smiled as you hand out candy in your maid costume. You were waiting for Feliciano to come and take over for you, but he was running late. You waved bye to a group of kids and then saw a pirate approaching from the corner of your way. He had a hat, eye patch, and bandana on so you didnt know who it was.
"Hi, happy halloween!" You say with a cheery grin. He just chuckles and grabs your hand. You are pulled into him and he has a smirk on his face.
"'ello there miss."His accent made you swoon. Thoughts of who was he and what was he planning flooded your mind. He cupped your face. Blush went across your face.
"w-w-who are you?" Your words stumbled out. He went right in your face and your noses touched. Yur heart pounded slightly faster.
"I'm a captain of a ship. Can't you tell?" He leaned away from you then lifted you on his back. Your face was flushed.
"What are you doing!?" Concern filled your voice. He began walking with you. You flaired around until he put you down infront of a huge
:iconnodokasfangirl:nodokasfangirl 230 251
Can't take my eyes off you: Germany x reader
You had to return home, your step mother was waiting for you to cook dinner for her two "precious" daughters. It was another one of those lazy Saturday afternoons where you finished selling all the flowers in the flower shop and have to hurry home to finish the house chores. In your hand was a bunch of midnight blue roses. They were the only ones left on the shelf and you didn't want to see them go to waste. You decided to take them home.
Suddenly you remember leaving the home key on the counter at the flower shop.
'Oh man, this means I have to walk back,' you thought. "Mother will never open the door for me and my sisters are out, probably with a group of boys." You sighed and started walking back to your flower shop.
You went in your shop, dumped the flowers behind the counter, grabbed your keys from a hook under the working bench and was about to walk out when a rich looking man with slicked back blond hair and sharp blue eyes walked into your shop. Everything about him screamed "ma
:iconconnnnie:connnnie 218 36
Germany x sick!Reader: Fever is a good thing
A sharp pain shot through (reader’s) temple as she sat up in bed.
“Oww~ my head feels like someone drove a knife through it or something.” she moaned in pain.
Even though (reader) was fully aware that she was sick today, she still got up slowly and proceeded to attend to her morning necessities.  
She was determined not about to let this little fever stop her from training with Germany.
Yep! Today was Friday, the day where she would join Germany, Japan and Italy for training!
Despite her fragile-looking body and her frail appearance, (reader) is actually very strong. Thanks to her weak appearance, she is able to help the axis to defeat many of their enemies.
The reason she was pushing herself to get up to train today, is because she wanted to see Germany no matter what.
She had a crush on him ever since she first joined the world’s meeting.
She was frightened by him at first when he banged on the table and shouted in order to regain control in the meeting.  She
:iconviinasuneko:viinasuneko 75 19
Germany x Sick!Reader
To: (f/n)
Subject: Training
From: Ludwig
Guten tag liebe,
Are you not coming to training today? Or will I have to come and drag you out?
To: Luddy
Subject: FW:Training
From: (f/n)
I have a cold so unless you, Feli and Kiku feel like catching it then I think it would be best for me not to do training today, sorry~
To: (f/n)
Subject: FW:FW:Training
From: Ludwig not Luddy
Are you feeling alright? Do you need help with anything? You never get ill...
To: Luddy!~
From: (f/n)
I'm fine, just going to stay in bed and a hug maybe?
Kidding, I don't want you to get ill as well.
After that you didn't get another message from Ludwig and you guessed that he had probably just started training as you knew how serious he took training. Blowing your nose which was dripping with horrible snot you reached for the TV remote and turned the television on and sat back before putting (favourite movie on.) You felt highly peckish but at that moment moving took way to much effort
:iconbetterthennone-x:betterthennone-x 19 5
GermanyXReader Hospital
Rushing passed the doors in the examination room, you stopped, your heart nearly stopping in your chest.
The hospital was beyond busy, so those out of surgery were placed in whatever rooms were open and available, and on the only cot in the room laid a familiar blond-haired bag of muscles.
Racing to his side wordlessly, you scanned your eyes over every inch of his body, stopping at his face.
He had been submitted to the hospital days prior. The war was escalating quickly, and not in favor of the side your beloved German was on.
You frowned, your hard scowl the only thing stopping the tears from gliding down your cheeks.
The sheets were stained with blood, looking more of a rusty brown than a sterile white. You were unsure if the blood was his, or if the hospital was so chaotic, they didn't have clean sheets. Regardless, your heart beat loudly against your rib cage at the sight of the color.
You choked, a sob burst from your throat, followed by a loud sniffle. You wiped your eyes, smear
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 177 30
Thunder Germany x Reader
Thunder boomed overhead,the sound waking a very young occupant of the big house.Rubbing his eyes gently,he left the warm bed and tried to reach the ground with his small legs.Finally succeeding in the task,he grabbed a plush toy of a yellow bird and started walking out of his room.The hallways were dark,the occasional lightning lighting up the darkness.
Flinching when another rumble rang through the skies,he started running towards your room.The door was open,and he started searching for you.Touching the bed,he noticed that the bed was cold.Jumping down from the books he stood on,he started searching for you.
The bathroom was empty,and the kitchen was dark.Lightning lit up the skies,and his eyes started tearing up.Hugging the plush toy tightly,he started wishing that he had never left his bed.It was scary,and he wanted to be brave,but another crack of lightning made him start crying.
"Germany?Why aren't you asleep?"You were shocked,finding the little boy sitting on the cold floor cryin
:iconcielwong:Cielwong 108 7
Werewolf! Prussia x Reader! Will you love me?
Werewolf Prussia x Reader
Will you love me?

There you were in the orchard of the small village that you called home. You were picking apples. No, they weren't for you. They were for the other orphans. Others you ask? Yes, you were an orphan. You were sixteen, but the orphanage had grown crowded, so you opted yourself to leave, for the sake of another child. Though you do have a small cottage on the outskirts of the town, near the forest. You see, the village had recognized your act of kindness and wanted you to have a place to live. Anyway back to the story.
You were sitting on a tree branch, merrily picking the ripe, red fruits of the strong tree. Once you had filled the basket you carefully climbed back down the tree, until you felt the warm earth soil touch your feet. Once on the ground, you put your shoes back on, and headed to your old home, the orphanage. You arrived at the big wooden door and pulled it open to be greeted by a wa
:iconlozlove14:lozlove14 261 22
Hurt (Germany x Reader)
You lifted your hand to the wooden door and knocked three times, as the pain coursed through you along with the dreadful images and thoughts; you plastered a bright smile onto your lips. You ignored the echoing in your head of the cries of your countries people and it killed you inside to know that- although you were strong- there was nothing you could do to help them. The shaking in your knees seemed to settle slowly while you breathed heavily and made sure that you wouldn't pass out and make a complete fool of yourself; you didn't like looking weak in front of others. "Guten tag (y/n), shouldn't you be on your way to the meeting?" You looked up quickly to find the familiar face of Ludwig looking at you with a confused look. He was wearing his business suit in place of his usual training clothes and his eye brows were furrowed slightly so you nodded softly with your signature smile,
"Hello, and yes I should be... But my car broke down" you shrugged lightly "so I was wondering if you w
:iconbetterthennone-x:betterthennone-x 12 6
Germany x Reader ~ Ludwig's fear
You ran through the streets while the heavy rain hammered down on you and all around. Your (f/c) shirt and black jeans were soaked through and your (h/c) hair hung in heavy strands. You ran into a bus shelter for a quick break to catch your breath just as a burst of thunder echoed throughout the skies. It had been nice and sunny before you had left to go to your job and you had decided that it would be nice to walk for once instead of catching the bus, however, by the time you'd stepped out of the office the skies were dark and rain had slowly started falling. It was just your luck.
You were close to your home now and the thunder kept echoing and lightning flashed, the storm was rather heavy and you were glad that it didn't bother you that much. Stepping out of the bus shelter, you broke into a run again but stopped quickly when you reached your house to find a figure standing at the door. Slightly confused, you walked over to the figure and tapped them on the shoulder to find that it
:iconbetterthennone-x:betterthennone-x 26 4
America x Reader: Almost Gone
They say it can take three seconds to fall in love with someone, but how long does it take to fall out of love?
You had been by Alfred's side for years now, desperately clinging to the idea that one day he'd see you as more than just his best friend. After he had brutally rejected your confession in the seventh grade and then apologized that afternoon when he saw you crying on the bus, you two promised to be best friends…forever.
But friendship wasn't enough, not anymore. You couldn't sit here and watch him with every girl under the sun but you, living it up like the world would end tomorrow.
You were the one who helped him with his hangovers, helped him keep up in class so he wouldn't be retained. You cooked for him and shopped with him.
In a classic story, the girl is in love with the guy for years, and the guy ends up falling for her too. They then kiss and become the best couple in the world.
This is not one of those stories.
Senior year. It was your last year of high school,
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 655 439
AmericaxReader: Get better soon
"Ring, ring~ Ring, ring~ Ring, ring~ Beep! Hi, this is _________. Sorry I can't come to the phone. I'm either stuck on homework or battling monsters. Either way, shoot me a message. Bye!" Alfred sighed an tossed his phone to the side. He had been trying for two days to get a hold of you but it was all in vain. He had no idea why you weren't answering your phone and it was getting him worried. You were his best friend and if anything happened to you… he just didn't even want to think about that. He gave a loud sigh, catching the attention of his brother, Matthew. He gave a quiet sigh and turned to Al, who was sitting upside-down on couch. "What is it Al? Still sick from dinner?" "Nah, I'm used to Arthur's cooking by now. Its _______. She won't answer her phone!" Matthew looked at Alfred with a bit of surprise. "Don't you remember? She got her tonsils removed yesterday. She can't talk." Al blinked a few times before it finally hit him. That's right! She had to get her tonsils remove
:iconcraftykenzie:CraftyKenzie 230 163
GermanyxReader: The Trio's Winter Ball
  "I don't know vhy I agreed to zhis," Germany mummbled under his breath angrily as he fixed his tux up a bit.
  "Aww, common Vest~" Prussia said from behind him,"I svear, vhen ______ get's here, you'd regret not comming."
  The taller man sighed,"I svear to gott, if you made her do somesing she didn't vant to-"
  "Vest, I think your little crush on _______ is so cute," He said, making him sound like his brother was a little kid again,"My little bruder's got a crush!"
  Germany tried to hide the red that was now spread across his face,"Vill you just shut your mouth for once in your life!?"
  Before he could say anything more, France was standing above everyone, on top of an amazing flight of stairs that were carpeted red with gold edges,"It seems out final guest has arrived!" He announced.
  Prussia smirked at his brother before joining France and Spain above all the others. Prussia smiled at Spain,"So, she's dressed
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 234 78
Prussia x reader: Do you know?
"Roderich, stop it." I complained, my cheeks as red as rose.
"But it true, you know I vouldn't lie to you." Our intertwined fingers gently swayed back and forth in the warm summer air. "I can't wait to marry you, _________." He whispered in my ear. A small pang of pain pierced my heart. 'You don't love him. You love -' It murmured. 'He's gone and he's never coming back.' I yelled at it. "________, are you alright?" Austria looked over at me, concern plain on his face. "You haven't answered me."
"Oh, I'm sorry Roderich. I was just thinking again."
"Are you having second thoughts?"
"NO, I mean no no. I just um I-I don't feel so well." I lied lightly, well it wasn't all a lie.
"Oh vell let's take you home right away." He put an arm around me. I suppose so he could carry some of my weight.
"But didn't you move?" I remembered he had moved in with another country or something. I couldn't remember why, he had been vague on the details.
"Ja, but don't vorry. Ludvig von't mind." He smiled. Ludw
:iconbokumexico-vee:BokuMexico-Vee 69 10


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Hiya everyone

I haven't been on here since before Christmas so I wanted to say I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas day.

I also wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and so far I hope it is going great for you.

I look forward to seeing all your 2013 works of art and possibly having the courage to add my own lol, speak to you all soon..... :D:D
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I love art but I can't really draw so I just tend to view. I going to take a photography course in a couple of weeks so i'll put some pics up then. I love loads of different styles of art but I think my favourites are chibi, anime/manga.


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