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Tigrisaurus pricei

Rubidgea pricei (Broom & George, 1950) in Sigogneau, 1970 nov. comb
(= Tigrisaurus pricei Broom & George, 1950)

Horizon: Cistecephalus-Dicynodon assemblage zone, Beaufort group, Upper Permian (Wuchiapingian).
Type locality: Karoo basin, South Africa.
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HP pstc5200
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Dec 25, 2012, 8:16:28 PM
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ah-puch-zegno's avatar
wow! es demasiado profesionalismo.. trabajas para alguna editorial?
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gracias, no no trabajo en editorial, trabajo independiente ilustración y escultura
ah-puch-zegno's avatar
woow, con mas dignidad aun! muuuy chingon.
mojcaj's avatar
I like the pose!
MysticalMysticism's avatar
Beautiful work , very realistic
bubblekirby's avatar
AGH were is the fur?!
karkemish00's avatar
Gorgonopsid fur ? the fur appears on the cynodonts, therocephalia probably would have fur ,but gorgonopsids very unlikely to have fur, the theoretical skin in therapsids is like a rhinoceros with glands
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Beautiful. So great to have one gorgonopsid more in such excellent form.
Hoatziraptor's avatar
Como siempre, luciendote Kark
karkemish00's avatar
Zimices's avatar
Magnífico... muy realista y en plena pose de acecho... :)
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