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Lycaenops ornatus

I return to deviantart
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Congratulations! You returned with a better quality of works! Thats AWESOME!!!!:D
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Uu renovacion? Me gusta, parece muy malo.
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Looks so real. Especially how you did the skin.
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y con un trabajo muy bueno
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Ow, puppy!

The shape of the head seems a bit off to me. I thought Lycaenops had a more slender skull.
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I thought I'd recognised that picture in the pose ;)

Hmm, I'm sure there was quite a bit of musculature at the back of the jaw, but how much thicker would the rest look with soft tissues added? I overlaid your painting on the skull from that photo, and it looks almost as if you took the armature as part of the jaw :confused:

Of course, my idea of gorgonopsid facial anatomy might just be plain wrong :D
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thank you very much for his criticisms :D
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YAY!! :boogie: you're back!!
Love the new piece. it looks very realistic. :)
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Volviste! :D

bienvenido otra vez...
y muy buen sinapsido...
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looks wery natural, great work.
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