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PK's body is completely different than that of the average being. To start off with, his body isn't described using DNA as with most biological lifeforms, instead being made using something very esoteric and which is known for being very difficult to understand even to the genetic engineers.

PK's body is made up of an extremely tough tissue designed to store and trap energy from its surroundings and expel helium-3 as a waste byproduct. The tissue is extremely resilient, able to withstand event the harshest of punishments while still remaining strong.

It's theoretically possible for PK's body to absorb any kind of energy, be it from the sun to radio waves to even light itself, should PK want to. One known side effect is that any X-rays taken of him will come out depicting him as though he's a ghost.

PK's body amplifies the effects of any energy that goes through his body, allowing him to gain much energy from something less. The science behind this may seem absurd, but keep in mind that PK himself is a brilliant Quantum Physicist, allowing him to find ways to bend physics to their needs.

When PK gets deprived of energy, his skin starts to darken as the result. When drained completely, PK turns black, becomes soot and dies.

A failsafe embedded within PK's body allows him to remain stable if he were to absorb too much radiant energy. Normally, when a typical Karjamian Reactor his body's based upon absorbs to much energy, they would undergo a sort of a nuclear meltdown In contrast, his body is designed to adjust its own own tolerance levels instead, amplifying the energy stored within his body even more in the process and thus, allowing him easier access towards more powerful abilities. It's through this failsafe which allows PK to use his "Supreme Transformation" ability, an ability which involves doing exactly that.

PK lacks blood in the traditional sense. Instead, the he has battery-like fluids in his body, those designed to store the energy PK happens to absorb. Drinking said fluids is said to cause drug-like intoxication.

PK's body is designed to be nearly impossible to fully replicate. Any attempts to do so would result in a unstable body, one with a high chance of experiencing a nuclear meltdown. PK's body is also designed to be immune to external transformations, the worst they could do being to cause him great agony.

PK is a single-mass entity with no skeleton. He doesn't need to breath, and he could tolerate even the harshest of environments without the use of protective gear. PK also has virtual immunity to poisons of all kinds, the worst they can do being to cause him to stagger for a few moments.

Nothing that makes PK seem human are real, not even his hair. It neither rustles in the wind nor affected by water. PK is said to resemble a doll underneath his clothes, explaining why he's rarely seen without clothing that nearly covers his entire body. In addition, the observant will note that his skin looks very fake.

Finally, PK is immune to the effects of aging. This is what allowed him to outlive many different universes combined.

This document describes PK's default appearance, one which resembles what he looked like when he was first human. Should PK assume other appearances, they will all share these qualities.

Nega-Lime, being one of the very few perfect doppelgangers of PK, has the exact same type of body as him. Thus, everything in this document applies to him as well.
Was typing this for an online friend's forum as a "backstory" snippet before I decided that this would be the official second guide to the Karjamian Mythos.

For the bare essentials on how to write fiction/fanfics using the Karjamian Mythos setting, see this document:

The Karjamian Mythos is released to the public domain using CC0.

Version History:

* V1.0: First version.

* V1.1: Added info about Nega-Lime's body.

* V2.0: Proofread to remove mistakes and updated to reference current canon.

* V2.1: Added justification as to why it seems safe for PK to overwork his innate reactor.

* V3.0: Rewritten for better flow; updated to coincide with current canon.

* V3.1: Added preview image.

* V3.2: Removed pic as I realized it was cringe-worthy.

* V4.0: Rewritten to match my current style and canon.

* V4.1: Some proof-reading in an attempt to make certain sections seem more clear, and re-added information explaining the amplification effects of PK's body.
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