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This document describes the basic story elements of the Karjamian Mythos setting. It is designed to help one build works through this setting.

The Karjamian Mythos setting, and the elements exclusive to it, are released under the "Creative Commons Zero (CC0)" license; see here for information. Feel free to use this setting and its exclusive elements however way you'd like. Elements not exclusive to this setting, elements beyond those mentioned here, extended characterizations of what's mentioned here (locations, concepts and characters alike), official designs and melodies of these basic story elements (barring the works that showcase these designs and melodies), or elements not officially considered part of it, are subject to various copyright-related terms.
The scientists over at Karjam's Domain are interested in one thing, and one thing at the moment: realities, and realities, in general. Those in charge allow travel to and from the reality of Karjam's Domain through their technology, with scientists, explorers, diplomats and military troops being the prime example of those who visit other realities.

Given the fact that realities work differently from one another, not even the most basic thing such as the true nature of the "multiverse", so-called, can be discerned; any and all ideas, even those contradictory, seem to be true at once. To this end, no matter how much realities encountered, no matter how much realities explored, there seems no end for research and exploration, even when encountering seeming duplicates of the same reality.

The technology they use to travel between each world, the name of such technology, it varies depending on the mood of the one referring to it, but it's always the term "Karjamian", followed by a descriptor term that describes said technology's role (for instance, "Karjamian Dimension Gate Technology"). Many Karjam's Technology, and the name of Karjam's Domain military troops, happen to be named after the first race lived there, the Karjamians.

The Karjamian Dimensional Tunnel Technology works through the creation of seeming wormholes, rips in time and space that connect between each reality through one way gates. Shaped like pearl-colored cubes, this technology summons forth the tunnels through a thunderous flash, the flash coming solely from the cube and not the other end of the tunnel.

The Karjamian Wormhole Technology is designed to work guaranteed regardless of any and all other factors applying, although it has failsafes in place to prevent damage done to the structures of realities should the Karjamian Wormhole Technology happened to be used recklessly. It's designed to adapt whatever travels through the wormholes into whatever equivalent physics exist within the other worlds, and it grants nifty benefits to those who had used the technology in order to prevent paradoxes from potentially damaging realities (since some do not take kindly to it); those with the tech are known for being virtually immune to memory alterations caused by time manipulation, for instance (they'll remember all timelines), and they become immune to any paradoxes that involve manipulating their past self in some manner. With the latter, some realities are already known for providing that benefit; the Karjamian Dimensional Travel Technology just allows them those benefits within all realities.
The Karjamians are a race born through the wills of Karjam's Domain's creator, often mistaken for being Karjam's Domain's sole inhabitants, and whose name are mistakenly used in reference to those who came from Karjam's Domain.

Karjamians are infamous for all looking like a certain Causasian male human, with cirley dark-brown hair, a round diamond shaped-head and brown eye colours. They can't just be told apart through appearances alone; one needs to be able to understand things like tones of voice and body language to be able to distinguish between them, or just having to get to know them personally. This is very similar as to how one would recognize animal species whose members are known for looking a lot alike.

Don't let their human appearance fool you, for they're anything but; they're walking skins with pure juicy flesh on the inside and no skeleton. They're also known for quite fragile; many Karjamians are known for carrying personal forcefields with them as to prevent them from being easily crushed.

The "blood" of a Karjamian, really just their juices, is said to have healing properties which are also very addictive. The idea was that their "blood" would be used to heal those in need. The addictive part was a complete accident. As such, drinking their "blood" has been made illegal according to Karjam's Domain laws.
The term "Karjam" refers to two different things: a ridiculously common Karjamian sirname, and Karjam's Domain slang that refers to any and all counterparts to a man named "Richard James 'KarjamP' De Goede", including someone from beyond the forth wall.

Counterparts to this man are perhaps infamous for tending to have very rare personality traits, those rarely shown among a single person. He may or may not be human depending on incarnation, but the existence of these personality traits remain.

They tend to claim to have discovered the secrets to the Wisdom of King Solomon through practicing philosophy, and also claim to have the purest of humility. Whatever the case may be, it does not change their knack for anything that involves putting thoughts into something (be it art or problem solving, but necessarily things like puzzles and riddles), and the fact that they rarely ever think thoughts relating to themselves, nor act upon wants, desires and emotions; since they hate doing those things, they prefer doing so only when it's necessary to do so.

They call their wisdom the "Purest of Trust", and their philosophy the "Philosophy of Projected Thoughts", all matching up with the real life equivalents.

These personality traits naturally lead many to become angry with him due him being different, and due to his stance on things. At the same time, however, he's known for being able to genuinely impress others.

Of course, not all Karjams are like this; some Karjams, most notable the Purple Karjam and Nega-lime Karjam, never even did philosophy to begin with. What's more, rumours abound that just as there happens to be many alternate incarnations of Richard James 'KarjamP' De Goede, so are there many alternate incarnations of either the Purple Karjam or Nega-Lime Karjam; these people count as Karjams as well due to a technicality.

In spite of their appearance often being the same as Richard James 'KarjamP' De Goede's usual human appearance, and in spite of their name, Karjamians are not Karjams. Nor, for that matter, would necessarily those who came from Karjam's Domain be Karjams, themselves.
The Sovereign State of Karjam's Domain is a theocratic nation and reality ruled by a being who calls himself "Ruler Deity KarjamP". The nation is said to be so advance, the only thing left for them to research happens to be things relating to other realities.

To prevent the nation from growing too self-centered, much of their powerful technology have been banned from public use without authorization. With that said, a good chunk of their technology, be it military-related or even computing technology, can still give a taste as to how advance they can be.

The reality, itself, has traits atypical for that of what one may consider "the usual reality". For starters, there is no sun in the sky; it's eternal nighttime within Karjam's Domain, but with the ground always as lit as day. Lights have been put up high into the sky for the comfort of those more used to the more typical night skies of other realities. What's more, the ground is that of an infinite plane, of which, there is no end; overpopulation is never a problem within Karjam's Domain.

The lands within are known for having many exotically covered minerals and terrain, much of which can potentially sell quite well within other realities (and such, doing so is considered an illegal act punishable by law). While Karjam's Domain does have its own flora and fauna, all of them are either imported from other worlds are are descended from those imported from other worlds; infinite oxygen existed before there were actual trees.

Karjam's Domain is not America, or whatever country one's from; it has its own set of laws, and its own preceedings. There is no right to remain silent, for instance; in fact, one can actually be criminally charged with withholding vital information if one tries to keep quiet.
Ruler Deity KarjamP is the ruler of Karjam's Domain and the creator of the Karjamian Race. Very little is known about him, apart from the fact that he was once a Karjam who showed the usual Karjam characteristics...

His omnipotence is tied to the reality of Karjam's Domain, itself; if he were to leave that reality for any reason, he'd lose said omnipotence. Regardless, however, he's immortal; should his physical body within other realities be destroyed, his consciousness would find its way back to Karjam's Domain.
The Purple Karjam, or PK for short, is a self-proclaimed "researcher of literally everything and part-time superhero". He has the second most authority within the entirely of Karjam's Domain, behind only to Ruler Deity KarjamP, and is the most well known example of a Karjam without many of a Karjam's typical rare personality traits (although that's not to say he doesn't have rare personality traits of his own).

PK is infamousely known for usually wearing an outfit entirely of the color purple, with his favorite clothes being a lavender shirt, a purple jacket, a darker purple jeans and purple "business shoes". If forced into clothing other than the color purple, he'd use a form of illusion to make them seem purple anyway.

He's known for wearing other colors at times, however; he's known for changing the word "Purple" in his name to something else, in reference to whatever color scheme he's using at the time. Not always, however, as PK is still his usual name. In fact, since purple is still his favorite color, he usually just stays purple (unless when given a reason to change into an alternate color scheme).

If, for whatever reason, he can't change his clothes into his current color scheme, he'd change the color of his skin or his hair, instead. He's also known for briefly flashing his skin this color to emphasize his non-human nature.

PK has the ability to mimic anything he has the vital understandings of. Given his deep understandings of many topics and his keen observation abilities, this makes him one of the most powerful beings within the entirely of existence, having the potential to mimic even omnipotence, itself, should the circumstances be set right. His powers work through the rules of reality, itself, space and time bending, which means they can never be truly disabled.

Aside from the abilities PK can mimic, PK is also known for creating his own abilities from scratch, or even basing new abilities off of old, netting a nickname by some of "the ultimate remixer".

His known commonly used abilities unique to him include:
  • Antigravity flight
  • Starglow Teleport
  • Starglow Teleport Blackhole
  • Golden Dash
  • Golden Slam
  • Golden Caravan
  • Golden Guard
  • Reflective Guard
  • Mirror Sattalites
  • Newtonian Force
  • Spherical Burst
  • Sword Combo
  • Fist Combo
  • Plasma Shot
  • Charged Plasma Shot
  • Sucker Shot
  • Offset Beam
  • Ultima Blast
  • Ultima Spheres
  • Ultima Strike Lite
  • Ultima Strike
  • Supreme Transformation
  • Supreme Frontal Burst

Although he has a perfectly good reason to experience hubris, PK actively hates it. As such, he's a firm seeker of humility; while he may not necessarily be modest, and he may attempt to boast as an intimidation tactic, that doesn't mean he doesn't try seeing his own place. Indeed, PK hates doing anything that could potentially jeopardize his own humility.

PK has an incredibly unusual levels of intelligence, said to be equivalent to that of the greats. This is intelligence as in the amount of details one can take in at a time, or the mind's natural complexity; PK's far more intelligent than that of several humans combined. He's very good at hiding his true intelligence, however, as he doesn't want to startle others looking at him. He will, however, allow others to see a small peak of his intelligence (but not a full peak) should he see the need to intimidate. Indeed, rather than frowning, PK simply dons a look of more intelligence and keeps an incredibly calm face, said to be unnerving to some.

Aside from his fear of pride, PK is known for being incredibly selfless, although not to the point of it clouding his judgement. He can be said to be amoral at times, especially since once he sets his mind to something, it's impossible for others to convince him otherwise. With that said, note that PK never does anything for an incredibly self-centered, or vain gain; he does things out of genuine selfless desire.

PK can be said to be a living sun in the sense of his body burning away at his own innate energy constantly, and then expelling waste through what amounts to be solar flares and helium. This causes his body to glow a faint yellow glow, much more obvious in the dark. Even when his glow isn't visible, his visual skin still takes upon a slight yellow tinge (unless when within an alternate colored form), a fact noticeable to the more attentive of perceptions.

PK has an alternate form, called "PK Supreme", obtainable through the technique "Supreme Transformation". This technique involves absorbing a large amount of energy at a time; this causes a seeming blackhole to appear, only for said blackhole to glow white as it gets re-absorbed into a white-glowing PK who eventually releases some of that glow. The glow of his usual form is brighter, and his hair radiates yellow as well. PK can also transform into this form through absorbing other amounts of excessive energy, the amount of which is unknown.

Should PK absorb enough energy equivalent to that of a full sun or greater (or equivalent analogues in terms of energy output), PK transforms into "Super PK Supreme". Within this form, PK's entire body glows yellow or his current color scheme (usually purple). It's only through this form that PK can ever hope to properly mimic omnipotence, itself, since then, he'd have enough energy to do so; he's actually able to seemingly break known laws of thermodynamics through his normal "PK Supreme" form alone, just from the way that the form works. "Super PK Supreme" can't be gained through "Supreme Transformation"; he has to rely on external sources to turn into this form. This isn't a physical limitation anymore than it otherwise taking forever to transform.

PK is heavily reluctant to do literal killing blows himself, preferring to allow others to do so; this partially explains why Yoshiro Sugimoto, his ninja shapeshifting friend, is known for disguising himself as a black opal necklace around PK's neck. However, when push comes to shove, PK can and will kill. He's not innocent in this factor.

A fact that comes up rarely is the fact that even in spite of everything about him, he's still a devout Christian, himself, worshipping Jesus Christ as the only true being above him. This effects his reactions, and the reactions of others and things, accordingly. This also explains why the keychain for his keyblade has a Christian cross on it.

PK tends to talk within a lightly formal manner, although he's known for becoming a bit more formal, speaking plain and calmly, whenever angered or annoyed. He's also known for being a bit sarcastic or snide.

Known catchphrases include:
  • "I'm the Purple Karjam; Researcher of literally everything and Part-time Superhero. PK, for short."
  • "Good, good."
  • "Oh really, now?"
  • "Alright, then.
  • "Typical."
  • "Fascinating."
  • "Peculiar.
  • "I am myself. That's all you need to know." (Whenever asked what he is.)
  • "I know a lot. Doesn't mean I know everything." (Whenever questioned upon his lack of knowledge.)

It's interesting to note that it's actually physically impossible to jack his mind; his willpower, born from his utterly alien mind (among other things), is too strong for such an occasion. He also has a psionic protection over his own mind to prevent others reading it; should they try, they'd just be told there's a reason for why he does it (it's not that he otherwise can't have his mind read. It's just that PK knows far more than what the average mind with human levels of intelligence can normally comprehend, which, in turn, can potentially cause mental issues within the mind reader.)

PK's body is officially classed as an PK-Class "ARB-Unit Body", a type of organic golem that he transferred his mind into. Organic, but not biological, PK's body undergoes a large amount of solar-like nuclear fission, allowing his body to function. It's also incredibly tough, allowing it to easily take even the largest of blows without being damaged much.

The fact that PK's body is technically that of an extremely arcane golem means he does not have to eat, sleep or even breathe; while he can mimic those functions just fine, he doesn't need them to survive. PK can survive even the harshest of environments, allowing him to easily go where others can't.

PK gains his nutrients through absorbing ambient energies. This partially explains how PK can have extremely long longevity even for a sun. Another is that he specifically designed his body as to prevent it from burning out so easily.

PK's constructed body is so complex, it's next to impossible to properly replicate without the end result becoming nuclear unstable. PK is also virtually immune to forced transformations; attempting to force him to transform would cause him agony at most, a flaw he intentionally kept in in order to remind himself to keep humility.

PK's one true weakness is anything that can effect things on the quantum realm, and anything that can effect space or time; this excludes transformations and manipulating gravity (since PK's within constant anti-gravity flight to prevent himself from crashing into the floor). This true weakness stem from both the way his powers work and the way his artifical body happened to be constructed.

PK has two companions he treasures dearly; together, they're known as "PK's Trio". He wields a legendary sword of a distant reality known as the "Sword of Heaven's Light". His keyblade, created through a Sword of Heaven's Light, is known as "Just Mercy".
Yoshiro Sugimoto is what one calls a samurai, a ninja, and an obake construct, an artificially created youkai being. He's a youkai whose powers deal with illusions.

As a youkai of illusions, Yoshiro has a greater edge over many different other ninjas, especially since he's so good at it, he's able to fool even his friends if he so want, which, given not even the most human of the trio, Richard "The Blue Karjam", can easily be fooled, is quite a feat.

His favorite weapon is a short, often opting for a self-made katana that goes by the name "Masamune"; he claims that it's a reference to a famous Japanese swordsman, rather than a certain video game series. However, he's proficient with many other weapons as well.

Yoshiro has a knack for languages, allowing him to keep up as he and PK visit new worlds. PK knows enough that he virtually can speak any language; Yoshiro's knack for learning new languages allows him to catch up.

His shapeshifting powers as an obake relies on his ability to create illusions; more specifically, he needs to be able to create illusions so pure, they become real, for all intents and purposes. Yoshiro switches bodies through either physically leaving them or consuming them; Yoshiro's true nature as a literal ghost allows him to do that.

Yoshiro is an avid follower to the ideals of ninjutsu to the point of following them very closely. He also hates standing out, not only on missions, but also in casual situations; he's a lot less likely to wear those "prop handler" outfits, as what Yoshiro calls them, simply due to them hindering his ability to use stealth. Within public situations, Yoshiro's known for using his ability to change shape to suit his environment, even when others don't.

Yoshiro's true spirit self is invisible to the naked eye, although since Yoshiro can use illusions even without a body, there's nothing stopping him from using his illusions to make himself visible. Regardless of the illusions used, the true appearance of himself, in this state, is that of a floating heart surrounded by auras of green energy.

Yoshiro claims to lack morals. This isn't strictly true; he has a thing against killing unnecessarily, for instance. Him developing that dislike happened to be one of the first things he defined about himself as he started becoming self-aware in his past. Yoshiro is also incredibly loyal to both PK and Richard "The Blue Karjam", to the point of the loyalty being the cause of his great willpower.

Yoshiro has a snidely playful side. He's also quite proud of being Japanese and values seeing others as individuals who should be treated with respect. His known hobbies include reading, meditation and hanging out with his friends. His known favorite colors are green, black and white.

Yoshiro has three known titles which he had used for himself in the past, "Son of Cedar", "Cedar Child" and the "Dark Samurai". Needless to say, cedar happens to be his favorite tree; after all, he did name himself after it...

One of his Masamune katana eventually became a keyblade of his, called the "Shrouds of Cedar".
Dr. Richard "The Blue Karjam" James De Goede, or "Blue K", is perhaps another well known Karjam, and also a close friend of PK and Yoshiro who often joins in on their adventures. Unlike PK, Blue K has much of the typical Karjam personality traits.

Blue K diverged a long time from the typical Karjam characterization from his sheer interest in computers having grown, and his wane to everything around him. Other than that, he's otherwise the same, save for his special abilities, even in spite of seemingly being a human.

Blue K is known for being an excellent mage, being quite proficient in magic. He's also a proficient keyblade wielder, using his keyblade through a hammer-based martial art, as the martial art was originally designed to be used with battle hammers, instead. Although Blue K is still willing to use typical battle hammers, his favorite weapon is his keyblade.

Blue K prefers to be called under his first name of "Richard", unless another who goes under that name is known, in which case, he'd then ask others to call him by his nickname ("For convenience sake.")

A fact that doesn't always come up is the fact that Blue K was gifted, by accident, with the ability to shapeshift using a piece of Karjam's Domain technology called the "Karjamian Morph Granting Technology", or "KMGT". It's through accidentally being given this technology that he met PK and Yoshiro.

The technology allows Blue K to assume any form he had "scanned" beforehand. Whatever it is that he scanned can be an entity in front of Blue K, but he also has the ability to scan imagery, as long as they properly correspond to the creature, in question. Some of his forms were born through this manner.

For communication while within a form that can't normally vocalize, Blue K can use a sort of "short-range telepathy", usable within any and all forms. This "sort-range telepathy" is said to be an idea borrowed from an equivalent, more primitive (by comparison) technology from another reality.

Blue K's willing to use a whole line of spells in combat, from Fire to Water to Aero to Thunder and more. His signature spell, "Armageddon", involves sending a spear to a target that expands upon contact. (PK's known for sometimes using this attack as well, although its Blue K that invented it.)

Blue K is a "Computer Scientist", which means that he studies computing technology for a living. In fact, he seeks a doctorate within any and all worlds he visits, when possible, to prove he knows his stuff.

Blue K's hammer-shaped keyblade, the "Worrier's Determination", is said to be born from a strive formed from both worry and content.

Blue K's strongest "form", the "Unyielding Strive", is just simply him using the fullest potential of the "Purest of Trust"; as a Karjam, he, no doubt, is also an avid practitioner of the "Philosopher of Projected Thoughts". Since this isn't a real form per se, it's possible for it to be stacked with other forms.
Nega-Lime Karjam is a doppelganger of PK born from a world that literally requires everything to have opposites.

Since when he was created, Nega-Lime is no longer just merely an opposite of PK, having become a high functioning sociopath, instead; this means he's a being driven by urges, impulse and a desire for control.

Nega-Lime has the exact same powers as PK. Indeed, it was actually him that invented the "Supreme Transformation", hens it having a name PK wouldn't normally bring forth. While Nega-Lime can indeed become "Super Nega-Lime Supreme", his extreme sense of pride prevents him from doing so.

His appearance, in comparison to PK's, has his skin tone becoming darker, as though covered in shadow. His hair is either well-kept or, when agitated, extremely spikey or messy.

Nega-Lime's unnamed keyblade resembles a bronze version of PK's. He does not use a legendary sword.
Karjamian Mythos released to the public domain under CC0.

This document describes the bare essentials on what you need to know about the setting, itself.

(Foregone the use of version revisions in favour of timestamps; that way, the description doesn't get too unwieldy.)

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