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Updated Boggart forms as seen from the point of view of various Karjamian Mythos characters:
  • PK: A suffering innocent. (The only thing worse than his fear of pride is his fear for the suffering of others.)
  • Blue K: A person that claims to hate him due to him being "unsociable". (He used to have a fear of heights. Now that he overcame it, boggarts will now instead, shapeshift into another representation of his fears: people hating him due to his social awkwardness.)
  • Yoshiro: Depends on current personality.
  • Yoshiro (true self): The ninja god Hitokiri. (Yoshiro's birthworld was banned from being visited solely out of respect for him. The only being he ever truly feared is the one who created him, and that was because the kami had the ability to end his life at any moment. While ties to the aforementioned kami were severed by Ruler Deity KarjamP by PK's request, that doesn't necessarily mean the feeling truly died out.)
  • Nega-Lime: A being capable of making Nega-Lime freak out (as a sociopath, Nega-Lime has poor impulse control. If something doesn't happen the way he likes it, he will freak out. Note that the boggart might necessarily manifest as a superhero, although depending on the circumstances, it can.)
  • Ruler Deity KarjamP: Unknown (He rarely ventures outside of Karjam's Domain, and when he does, he tends to keep things to himself.)
Karjamian Mythos released to the public domain under CC0.

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