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The Villains collection BNHA: Deku

I will make a collection of villains of BNHA Meow :3  
but I will only do the characters that I like XD
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Like the voice of Uraraka singing Hide and Seek, I don't like the fact that Deku would also loose his sanity, hearing his maniacal laughter fill the air even in a place that is dark and echoes is way to creepy, he will come out of nowhere and you will die either by him or the fear that is you being alone with a insane person lurking the darkness trying to find you is bad, but if Deku and Uraraka, the insane duo, were to be on the hunt for you in that very place, that is nightmare and one has a few words to say...

(Here's link for this line:

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I am the evolved species! I am GOD!

- Izuku Red (Neito Monoma)

There is a reason why this alternate dimension Izuku is a villain; the class 1-B student turned traitor, Neito Monoma has grown jealous of Izuku's growing success, no matter how hard he wanted the future Number One hero to fail, he will always succeed. He thought, if one couldn't beat him, why not take possession of him?

Neito's quirk has evolved to the point where he can properly storage the quirk he copied, he copied the powerful possession quirk user. And at the moments notice, Neito Monoma, took possession of Izuku Midoriya's body, gaining One For All in the process; he became Izuku Red, the villainous version of Deku, he has begun a killing spree of epic proportions, starting with Ochacho Uraraka, Izuku's girlfriend, Toshinori Yagi , the former Symbol of Peace, and Katsuki Bakugou, the rival. Neito Monoma will destroy the hero society as we knew it, using the very body that All Might entrusted.

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I used your image for the cover of my book! Hope you don't mind! I made sure to credit you! My book is here, still in the works!

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" My Name - is Midoriya Izuku ... ...

For many Years i was quirkless in today's Society - with only one Goal ... ... ... persevere!

Now i will fulfill my Childhood's dying Wish ... ... ... to use the League of Villains to save People left and right i deem worthy of being saved ... ...

To do this i must become someone else ... ... ... ... is must become - "something", else ... ...

... ... i am the Villain - DEKU !! "

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I am picturing him being like Sylar from Heroes, he captures heroes and picks them apart to learn everything about them. He will know every quirk even if he can't have one.

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I don't get why every piece of fan art of a villain Deku has him in a suit. He'd wear a more twisted and edgy version of his first costume if you ask me
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Your art gave me an idea for a story…

It isn't villain!Deku, but is is him going around killing bad guys… because, after making good on Kacchan's suicide dare, the Underworld offered him a job as their hitman. He took it. Now, he has a list of people the Underworld wants dead and he is checking it twice. All for One is at the top.

Your art is the face he makes before giving an utterly unholy shriek, turning into his Grim Reaper form and sticking his scythe in a bad guy's chest.
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holy cow I love this! If you look at this, could I write something with it? I'll credit you, don't worry!

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That face is 2sPoOK4mE 
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Villian Deku = The Joker
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He looks wicked!
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All it takes is one bad day.
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(Headcanon/AU on this)

When Deku discovered All Might, the greatest villain in the world, his secret power he was able to trick him into giving up his power all for himself and became the strongest and most powerful person in the world.
Since he never had and quirk and his mother basically disowned him it was high time that he gets his revenge on all who hurt him, threatened him, or treated him like dirt.
From now on the name, "Deku" will never be a name of disgrace ever again.
He does give some sort of "Joker" vibe as a villain huh?
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yeah, i see that too, mainly in the twisted face

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 I think that the way he would play out as a villain is that he would mostly be calm, smart and calculatting in a sinister and eerie way. When he's around a hero that he's especially interested in like Bakugo or All Might, then he'll start getting"excited." As in, he'll start getting more and more psycotic like in the image above and start having fits of hysterical laughter. He'd be that special kind of scary...
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Your idea fits well: his great passion and dedication to heroes, turned upside-down into a dark obsession.
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your description is perfect,
I think it would be like that if he was a villain.
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Great minds must think alike!
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This is so messed up and scary :XD: it's brilliant :XD:
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