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Our first contest at Tablet-for-U is a fact! We start of with this Christmas Edition and we challenge you to make a manipulation on your iPad, iPhone, android phone, android tablet or microsoft phone. No computer and /or graphic tablet manipulations allowed!

The contest will run from today untill January 2nd. 

What are we going to do for this first Christmas contest? We are going to make one of the days from the song "The twelve days of Christmas".

You can choose your favorite "day", use DA stock  only. Textures from are also allowed. Do NOT use google, pinterest or any other social media to get your images from, they are copyrighted and you cannot use them.

So what to do?

:bulletyellow: Pick one of the Twelve days as your topic
The twelve days are:
- A partridge in a pear tree
-  Two turtledoves
-  Three French Hens
- Four calling birds
- Five golden rings
- Six geese a laying
- Seven swans a swimming
- Eight maids a milking
- Nine  ladies dancing
- Ten  lords a leaping
- Eleven  pipers piping
- Twelve drummers drumming
:bulletyellow: Make your manip on an iOS/android tablet/mobile
:bulletyellow:  be creative
:bulletyellow:  submit your entry and mention this journal, the group, your used apps and credit all the images 
:bulletyellow:  submit to our contest folder

If you submit and not all the steps have been taken, we will not accept your submission. Each used image needs to have a specification of it's source so don't forget to write them down somewhere.


First price

three month core membership given to you by KarinSPhotography , a feature on the homepage after the contest has ended

Second price

one month core membership given to you by KarinSPhotography  and a mention in the contest journal

Third price

One hundred points and  a mention in the contest journal


Every contestant that mentions this journal one time more then just during submission, like in a poll, a statuspost or in a journal/feature, gets a premium stock pack made by me. So we encourage you to share and join our group!


:bulletyellow: You must be a member of Tablet-for-U 
:bulletyellow:  Your submission has to be a new one, made after November 13. 
:bulletyellow:  No gore, extremely violent, nudity or sexual offensive submissions allowed
:bulletyellow:  Submit your entry before January 2nd.
:bulletyellow:  Mention the contest and add the group icon on submission (required)
:bulletyellow:  Mention your used apps and tablet software (iOS or Android)
:bulletyellow:  mention all stock providers in your description with full link back to the used image(s)
:bulletyellow:  You can enter twelve submissions but each one has to be a different "day"
:bulletyellow:  Use only legitimate stock
:bulletyellow:  HAVE FUN!


:bulletyellow: View our Group and Guidelines
:bulletyellow:  Be respectful of and open to differing opinions. 
:bulletyellow:  Be active within the PM community whenever possible. 
:bulletyellow:  Art should be either photomanipulation or mixed media. 

If you work with Photoshop, this is not the contest for you but you could check out the Christmas contest from we-HEART-photomanip  and also have a shot at the three month core membership!

Here are some examples I did last Christmas (on my iPad)

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I just found this❤️❤️❤️
L-inda's avatar
I just started making something for this contest. ❤️❤️❤️
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Very original contest!;) 
I mentioned the both contests (WEHEART also) here…
And on my profile page too.
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You are the greatest :), thank you Lora, will make a nice stock pack for you, anything special you need?
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Don't mention it dear:)
You know my taste;) I'll be grateful for anything:)
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