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A lot of things happened in the years 1800 - 1899. 

The first “bicycle” was invented by Baron Karl von Drais who patented the Laufmaschine (laugh machine?) in Germany in 1818. Also known as the draisine, it was a two-wheeled contraption that you straddled and pushed yourself along using your feet – pedals weren’t invented for another 40 years or so. The seat on the Laufmaschine … a wooden plank.

Darwin published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species, overcoming scientific rejection of earlier concepts of transmutation of species.

Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America's greatest inventor. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb.

And much more to be found from this era.

We want you to make a photomanipulation or mixedmedia piece with an event or invention from this era. Make it as authentic as you can. 
Here are some beautiful works we found here to give you an idea.
The Arrival by Androgs

Zeppelin by erenarik

Joey+Ella by fuchsiart

1900 by psdeluxe

Back to Paris 1900 by Zhaana

Victorian Doctor's Bag by jordangrimmer

The contest will run for two months, starting today, May 28, thus ending on July 28.

You may use DA images, your own images and resources, brushes, pixelsquid images (then it is mixed media) and all other rightfree image or resource sources.

What will the winners get?

First price

3 month core membership or 1200 points plus and exclusive stock by KarinSPhotography 

Second price

2 month core membership or 800 points plus and exclusive stock by KarinSPhotography 

Third price

1 month core membership or 400 points plus and exclusive stock by KarinSPhotography 

Special Award

1 month core membership or 400 points plus and exclusive stock by KarinSPhotography 

The special award will be given to someone who made their artwork on an iOS/android tablet.

Our current entries

Parting by Lubov2001

Through the mountains by MoAChuuuttt

Genteel Century by Lora-Vysotskaya
Memories by KarinSPhotography


Bullet; Yellow You must be a member of Tablet-for-U  (membership is open for ALL tablet users)
Bullet; Yellow  Your submission has to be a new one, made after May 28. 
Bullet; Yellow  No gore, extremely violent, nudity or sexual offensive submissions allowed
Bullet; Yellow  Submit your entry before July 28.
Bullet; Yellow  Mention this journal and add the group icon on submission (required)
Bullet; Yellow  Mention your used apps and tablet software (iOS or Android)
Bullet; Yellow  Mention if you made it on a iOS/android tablet or a graphic tablet (THIS IS A MUST!)
Bullet; Yellow  mention all stock providers in your description with full link back to the used image(s)
Bullet; Yellow  
Linkback to used images outside of DA or mention the app they came from
Bullet; Yellow  You can enter one time
Bullet; Yellow  Use only legitimate stock
Bullet; Yellow  HAVE FUN!


Bullet; Yellow View our Group and Guidelines
Bullet; Yellow  Be respectful of and open to differing opinions. 
Bullet; Yellow  Be active within the PM community whenever possible. 
Bullet; Yellow  Art should be either photomanipulation or mixed media. 

Note: mainly photo's and one pixelsquid constitutes photomanipulation, More pixelsquid then photo's is called mixed media. 
Pixelsquid app (iOs)

Donations in the form off points, features, stocks, Llama's etc. are most welcome.

© 2017 - 2021 KarinSPhotography
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Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Do I still have time to get this in by the end of the night? I am not finished quite yet.
KarinSPhotography's avatar
Still in my bed, middel of the night here, but up nevertheless, so if you hurry I Will accept.
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
I'm sorry I'm not going to enter. I'm very unhappy with my piece.
KarinSPhotography's avatar
Better next time dear ;)
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Yes, I have a new found respect for people who create photomanipulations using strictly tablets. I literally shed tears over my piece because I worked so hard and it still looked horrid lol. I had an easier time the first time I tried Photoshop. Using tablets and apps are difficult.
KarinSPhotography's avatar
Don't you have a bamboo or wacom tablet? Those are also allowed in the group ;)
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
I have the ugee G3 which is a cheaper version of a Wacom. I did not know for sure wether that was allowed. Thank you. Now I know for next time. :)
da-hazard's avatar
If you don't mind me asking, but what invention of the 19th century is being depicted on the first and last entry ?
Because I have read the list of inventions during that time and I can't seem to match it with those entries.
KarinSPhotography's avatar
It isn't a contest about inventions, it is a contest about the 19th century so all manipulations looking like they came from that era are fine :) But thanks for noticing!
da-hazard's avatar
Okay that clarifies a lot ^^ Thanks for the quick response!
Personally I'm finding a lot of difficulty in creating something, I would love to enter, but dang this is a difficult theme haha
KarinSPhotography's avatar
With only one more day to go... yep it is, but we hold more contests as well so stay tuned! ;) 
KarinSPhotography's avatar
Not just about inventions anyway...
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KarinSPhotography's avatar
Thank you very  much! I can really use the exposure :)
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Great theme Karin! Thanks for giving us time enough😘🌹
KarinSPhotography's avatar
Most welcome Lora and thanks :)
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